10 Smart Space-Saving suggestions for Your Apartment

10 Smart Space-Saving suggestions for Your Apartment

Why is it that we always end up wanting some little extra space in our homes? It is a quest to find a proper storage system in smaller apartments. We have curated a few tips for small-space living to organise all your belongings while optimising the carpet area.


While some of us have fully adapted to the work-from-home situation, finding an idle space to work comfortably can be tasking. But what if you can modify a tiny area into an office? Your customised office will only be used till working hours.

You can build your instant office with modular furniture. These foldable furnishings serve dual purposes— a workstation and a usual storage area. This is a perfect way to segregate your work from your personal space. And the satisfying feeling of folding away your mini office after a long day of work is simply unmatchable!


Now that winter is upon us, it’s time to pull out the warm wearables and blankets. But do they seem to be not in the mint condition as before? Well, that is probably because of the haphazard storage. Your winter gear might lock in moisture and subsequently capture more bacteria. Hence it is imperative to provide proper storage space.

One of the best hacks is to use your seating area with storage underneath. Several Divans are available in the market with an ample section for woolens, which keeps them in proper state. 

Sofa-cum-bed is one of the best tips for a small space living room, which can transform into a guest room. There is also ample storage space in some couches, as shown in the image.


Are you always scurrying with your morning hustle but can’t find things in the washroom? Toiletries, cleaning supplies, towels, and appliances can clutter the area. Here’s one easy yet classy way to amp up this space–

Washbasin decor is a trendy interior that also showcases elegance. You can use the surrounding area of the basin as a storage cabinet.

You can also use the mirror space as a concealed cabinet to store your medications and appliances.


To be a kid is to pursue never-ending antics. For active kids, it is necessary to give them abundant space to explore their creativity. You can optimise this space with a few home interior design ideas

  • Using bunk beds
  • Storage under the bed
  • Organised space for toys
  • Foldable study table

This also gives them a sense of responsibility for cleaning their room with fun, organised spaces.


When there is no other alternative, make it seem like you have a spacious home! Is that even possible? Absolutely! Choosing the right colour palette for your room can do wonders for its appearance.

Light colours will reflect natural light into your room. Even with the room lighting, the room brightens up with lighter tones.

You can coordinate your furniture as per the wall colour. However, a plain white wall can feel boring over time. That is why we suggest a neutral or earthy colour palette. Also, such colours are apt for those who like minimal aesthetics with ample natural light entering the room.


For all the spare stuff lying around for which you cannot find a suitable area— the best way is to arrange them on wall shelves. They add a little quirk to your room, and you can also experiment with edgy decor.

These shelves are quite sturdy and durable. The walls look accessorised, and you get sufficient space for showpieces. You can also use these shelves for the following—

  • Awards & medals
  • Books
  • Plants
  • Collectables

And many more.


Empty vessels make the most noise! Especially when kept in a disorganised kitchen.

When you declutter your small utensils, you will find more space in the kitchen than before. Here are a few tips for organising the cabinets—

  • Cutlery organisers for cabinets
  • Hanging daily-use utensils on the wall
  • Labelling and categorising your spices
  • Kitchen island
  • Lazy Susan in the pantry for quick access
  • Drawer organisers

The bottom line is that— keeping a systematic arrangement will give you more space, even in a small kitchen.


What better way to meditate than in the ambience of fresh air?

A balcony is one area which keeps you one with your surroundings. If you live in Kolte-Patil projects that provide some of the most ethereal views, then you must utilise the balcony correctly.

  • Use potted plants to decorate your balcony.
  • If you want privacy, you can use shutters.
  • Bring out your yoga mat and workout gear.
  • Play some soothing music and light a scented candle.

And now you are ready to begin a holistic journey of self-care. Meditating in such open spaces can instantly rejuvenate you. And you are also optimising the space.


Utilising vertical space in the room is the optimum way of saving space. Overhead storage works well for stuff you don’t need for a long time.

Most bedroom designs impart wardrobes with overhead spaces that can store heavy things. Also, with such a wardrobe, you don’t have to worry about dust collecting at the back since they are directly attached to the wall.


Bedrooms can quickly fill up, especially with the bed taking up so much space all the time. If you have a small bedroom, built-in bed storage is a great option. There are several options in this case, including pull-out drawers under the bed, platforms, headboard storage, shelves, and even some interesting custom bed modules that allow you to maximize this space in unique and very clever ways.


A small home need not be an inconvenience. In fact, confined areas strengthen family bonds. It is only a matter of a few adjustments that can yield a good and cozy place for your family to cherish these memories. Use the above home improvement ideas, and you are guaranteed a convenient living.