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The core values of the Company – honesty, innovation, transparency, excellence, sustainability, value creation and commitment to timely delivery are perfectly aligned with the spaces it builds. At Kolte-Patil, we work on the philosophy of ‘Creation, not Construction’. Our long standing mission is to build spaces that are present-perfect and future-proof and by doing this, to become the favoured name in the real estate segment for customers and channel partners alike. Strengthening bonds with associates and stakeholders with greater value sharing is our motto. We are committed to make KPDL, a brand known for trust and fulfillment in true sense.

Customer centricity with a sharp focus on quality and innovation and longevity is part of the Kolte-Patil DNA where we service customers with a ‘You on Priority’ and ‘We Care’ approach. Prudent investments in technology has enabled faster construction, data-driven decision making, reduction in customer service time, integrate systems and truly deliver an omni-channel experience to customers who trust us with their hard-earned money. We are committed to delighting customers through timely delivery and execution.

A different way of doing business

A number of people have asked, ‘Aren’t you focused on becoming the biggest real estate player in India?’

We said we would rather be the best instead.

A number of people have asked, ‘When are you going to become a truly pan-India brand?’

We said we were happy being the largest in Pune and a growing player in Mumbai and Bengaluru.

A number of people have asked, ‘Why don’t you integrate backwards to land ownership?’

We said we would prefer to focus on efficient construction instead.

A number of people have asked, ‘What are you doing to grow your topline?’

We said we would rather build our cash flows instead.

A number of well-wishers hinted, ‘If you borrow debt you would be able to enhance earnings per share and shareholder value.’

We said we would rather grow shareholder value in a sustainable way by building our business using net worth instead.

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