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About Kolte Patil

Kolte-Patil Developers Ltd. is recognized as one of the prime residential real estate developers in India. The Company was established nearly three decades ago in 1991 with the philosophy of ‘Creation, not Construction’. Headquartered in Pune, the Company established its leadership position in Pune while expanding footprint to the growing Indian markets of Mumbai and Bengaluru. The Company has developed and constructed over 58 projects including residential complexes, integrated townships, commercial complexes and IT parks, covering a saleable area of >26 Mn sq. ft. across Pune, Mumbai and Bengaluru. KPDL markets projects under two brands: ‘Kolte-Patil’ (addressing the affordable, mid-priced and premium segment) and ‘24K’ (addressing the premium luxury segment).

Why Kolte Patil

At Kolte-Patil Developers Limited, we believe that we are at the cusp of an unprecedented opportunity. This opportunity is on account of an unprecedented convergence of economic, sectorial and corporate opportunities. The Company is attractively placed to capitalize on a robust national buoyancy, superior lifestyle aspirations and increased disposable incomes. KPDL possesses a growing property development pipeline, access to project-specific growth capital, under borrowed Balance Sheet, validated governance structure and strong leadership. In view of these realities, we believe that a new era has begun for Kolte-Patil Developers Ltd.

V-CARE approach

We are looking for dynamic professionals who are motivated by innovation and creativity, are committed to superior execution, and are seeking solid growth opportunities. You will join a team of the best and brightest who are collaborating together to build a Company and a brand that truly lives by the V-CARE approach.






Current Openings

Life at Kolte Patil

Looking for your next big adventure? Explore KPDL career opportunities to find a job that’s exciting, rewarding, and flexible.

The success of any Company is dependent on the caliber of its employees. At Kolte-Patil this is not different. The goal of the Company is to establish itself as a preferred workplace, marked by career growth, intellectual advancement, health cum safety and job satisfaction. The Company has addressed these requirements through a complement of harmonious labour relations, local talent sourcing and high people retention (92.7%). The Company offers competitive salaries, performance-based incentives, health insurance and other benefits. It acknowledges and rewards employees through programs like Acer Awards, On Spot awards, long-term awards and biannual performance-based incentives.

At Kolte Patil, we hire women employees across all segments; they constituted 17% of our workforce in FY 23. We foster a supportive environment that encourages open communication, collaboration, and provides employees with the resources they need to succeed.

We provide training and mentorship opportunities and help employees gain new skills and knowledge. The Company promotes continuous learning and professional growth through workshops, certification programs and learning platforms like course play and LinkedIn. We conduct monthly reviews, regular meetings, and open forum discussions to address employee concerns and recognize their achievements. We support work-life balance through flexible work culture, happiness leaves, and wellness offerings. We have built a positive and inclusive work environment that values employees.


Kshitija Bidwai

Learning sessions are an effective way of utilizing this lockdown period to enhance skills & keeps your mind alert and active. It has helped me enhance my skill set. And an added benefit is staying connected and being in touch with the team through interactive sessions like these. Indeed stimulating given the crisis we are facing.

Shashikant Tripathi

The leadership training sessions are a platform to reach out to like-minded people where one can learn new skills and assimilate knowledge which will help us become better equipped. The sessions have been instrumental in keeping employees engaged with their peers & colleagues while gaining skills to be more effective & productive. Such organisational initiatives are going to help individuals and teams in the long run.

Charu Gupta Singhania

We have a winning culture that supports ideation and improvement & empowers employees’ continued success. A value driven environment that inspires employees to place their best foot forward along with reinforced work-life balance programs where families are included in celebrations and collaborative policies together makes GDPL a great place to work. An organization that has an open culture where everyone has the opportunity to present their ideas / discuss , hear and be heard with the management . An environment that makes us feel valued and appreciated. Place where employee and organization has common objective and work together as team with trust.

Dilwar Singh

It's great that our organization is using continued learning as a means to keep the workforce engaged during the lockdown. Skills training doesn't necessarily mean learning something new. An equally important part of training and development is simply brushing up an old skill as well. We otherwise do not get time to prioritize upgrading ourselves. This is a great opportunity to do that!

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