Give your home a spectacular makeover, with these beautiful décor trends of 2022

Give your home a spectacular makeover, with these beautiful décor trends of 2022

The year when we are finally taking a breather, the decor trends are getting more creative in 2022. Here are a few interior design tips to upgrade your home.

1.  Biophilic designs

Before you think it’s some high-end concept that will require a fortune, Biophilic is simply a design philosophy to integrate nature within your living. This kind of harmony exudes an energy that keeps us grounded and tranquil.

The color green is often associated with renewal, new beginnings, a fresh start, and rejuvenation. Incorporating these natural elements in your interiors is therapeutic, while also maintaining fresh air inside the room.

Fish tanks are a great addition to this interior, it exudes a sense that you are not alone.

2.  Vintage decor and furniture

Nostalgia is running high this year! Remember the old wooden cabinet at our grandparents’ house? That rusty furniture with intricate designs is in vogue!

Vintage or antique pieces are derived from the cultures of four main regions–


The English artisanship stems from “The Crown Eras” like– Middle Ages, Elizabethan Era, Jacobean era, Georgian era, and Victorian era.

The Neo-Classical style that reflects in their craft, adds sophistication to your room.


European style can be recognized from the intricate details. The “Baroque” style offers a bohemian aesthetic with floral paintings on the decor, while the wood is carved inspired by ancient Greek designs.

This decor suits best for those who want the mystic-aspect to their room. French style furniture has swept the trend this year. The added rust to the decor gives it an edge. 


American craftsmanship flourished in the 19th century, with styles that depicted eras of Queen Anne, Art Nuevo, Empire style, and Art Deco. The sleek geometric patterns were popularized as adding luxury aesthetic.

Empire style art pieces and paintings give a royal touch to your room, but only when used in moderation, else can be risked seeming tacky.


This oriental aestheitc reflects the philosophy of living. As the uncertain times were upon us, people adapted minimal lifestyle that would calm them from within. Wabi Sabi interiors denote a simplistic living while adding elegance to your homes, all the while reminding to “accept perfections in imperfections”.

Besides these, there are various art style in vintage decor such as–

  • Gothic– a darker take on decor, for adding a contrast element.
  • Rocco- this French style is derived from the rocks in garden of Versailles.
  • Colonial– Indian furniture is inspired by Portuguese, Dutch, and French. You will also find Persian and Mughal influences, giving a regal look to the room.

3.  Patterned Wallpaper as a statement

This is a classic hack to add flair to the room. As one of the trending DIY tips for home decor, all you need is to define your space– what purpose does it serve?

For example, if you want a particular corner of your room to be dedicated to a certain activity, say, reading. Then you can set up your bookshelf and chair, but to give it that extra edge, a patterned wallpaper on the adjacent wall makes a solid statement.

These are most economical means of revamping your room for that pizzazz! Works best if you are going for a specific aesthetic.

Note: Floral Patterns are in style. You can experiment with 3-D wallpapers for grunge looks. Such decor is commonly known as “ACCENT WALL”.

4.  Curved Furniture

The boring straightedge furniture are a passé. This decade started with incorporating quirky decor to interiors. One of the most recommended home decoration tips of 2022 is curved furniture. The smooth edges offer a different take on contemporary art and are also child-proof.

Couches, center tables, console table and showcase designs are getting a curvy makeover this season!

5.  Mono-tone walls with the decor of bright patterns

Mono when done properly can work wonders for your home.

Select one uniform color for all the walls of the room. You can either choose from dark shades or opt for lighter hues (more on the shades of 2022 in the upcoming segment). It is a popular opinion that monochromatic takes away the life of the room.

But here’s where the magic happens…. single colored walls are like blank slates, wherein you can incorporate distinct color palettes by using lively wall-hangings, vibrant paintings, experimental decor; the possibilities are simply endless.

The only rule is to let your vivid imagination run beyond!

6.  Painted Doors

As mentioned earlier, quirky is the word to describe this decade. And the latest drift is to give your guest a lively welcome!

If you ever visited the inland areas of Bikaner, Lucknow, Kolkata, or the rural areas of Tamil Nadu, your eyes will definitely wander through the vibrant alleys. It’s all about the bright-colored doors!

Painted doors in pastel shades, or contrasting shades, or flamboyant shades gives that extra oomph to your home. Plus, it looks so fun and welcoming!

7.  “Color of the Year”

Every year, there is that one Pantone shade that consumes every home. 2022 is colored with the brown hues. Due to sudden anxious nature of the current environment, earthy tones have brought a sense of calmness and solace. Particularly, brown shades are advised for walls or overall decor.

Wooden texture and colors offer elegant interiors that are simplistic but give a grounded sense. Most commonly used combination is ivory, cream, porcelain, or pearl shades on wall with eccentric wooden furniture and decor, which also helps in making the room look brighter and spacious.

8.  Office space or Dual-purpose rooms

As the hybrid work model has gradually assimilated in our culture, setting up a home office has become an essential, which also creates a boundary between professional and personal life.

However, you may not have adequate space to dedicate for work purposes only. To resolve this, there are a few tested home improvement ideas that will optimize your spaces.

  • You can use modular furniture for that room, that can be used for dual purposes. For example, single seater cum bed, storage tables, foldable furniture can help in optimum utilization.
  • Home automation system is a guaranteed hack for a multipurpose room. Certain features allow your room to adapt to the settings to use it accordingly. From lighting to ambience, you can alter your room using this system.
  • One of the trendiest home design tips and tricks is decorating your office space aesthetically, inducing a positive vibe while working. The previously mentioned Biophilic design would suit the home-office.

Just make sure ther is ample sunlight entering the space.

These interior decorating ideas are compiled based on latest trends observed in India, with some international influence. However, these suggestions are economical as compared to renovating the entire house. Also, you can change the alterations whenever you want. So, just put on your DIY hat, and enjoy a cordial home!


Q1: What if the accent wall does not match my floor?

A: You can use rugs or carpets of similar shades, or any color that matches the palette. In fact, rugs glorify the room even more.

Q2: What extra care should I take when using plants in the room?

A: House plants usually come with a very simple manual– all you have to do is water them regularly, add fertilizers for nourishment, prune them periodically, and also use dehumidifier for maintaining the moisture level. It requires reasonably low maintenance.

Q3: Where can we find vintage furniture?

A: There are any antique stores that specialize in this craftsmanship, Pune has several local markets where you can find vintage stuff. These handmade decors can be a bit on the expensive side than normal furniture. But don’t worry, there is a simple hack for this as well– you can use decoupage technique on furniture or use wood-paint for adding the rusty element to your decor. There are also designer laminations available that give an ‘industrial feel’ to your furniture.

Q4: What all elements are included in a “decor”?

A: Soft furnishings like throw pillows or fluffy rugs, wall paintings, sculptures, decor cabinets, framed family photos, clocks, lightings, and other such decorative items.

Q5: How should I use lightings in my room?

A: Use accent lights, ambient, task, and standard lighting according to the purpose. But one excellent tip is to layer your lightings that provides new dimensions and ambience.

Q6: How should I utilise the dead spaces?

A: Since these are limited spaces, it is recommended to use artistic decor, or use storage cum sittings, or fill it with plants. In any case, the goal is to use the space for extra stuff lying around in the house; wall mounted shelves are the best options.