Kolte-Patil – Making Sustainable Living A Reality

Kolte-Patil – Making Sustainable Living A Reality

The modern way of life replete with technological advances and swift urbanization has left a severe impact on the environment. Today, more than ever, the need for sustainable living arises. One that respects that planet we live on as much as it offers comfort and security on an individual basis. For many people, sustainable living poses a major roadblock. After all, the market for sustainable features that one can use is huge but also steep in terms of price. Fortunately, if you want to include eco-efficient solutions in your day to day life, projects by Kolte-Patil Developers offer a helping hand.

Staying true to our vision of creating future-proof designs for technological advanced homes, we at Kolte-Patil, ensure we make green lifestyles a possibility for all residents. Our homes built across major cities of the country are equipped with several home automation features. Let’s look at few of these features and how they help us and the environment.

Solar Water Connection

The world is moving towards solar energy, so why shouldn’t you? A solar water connection uses the energy of the sun to heat your domestic water. According to research, 17% of a home’s energy is used for water heating alone. With a solar water connection, you can reduce carbon and greenhouse emissions, thus doing your bit for the environment.

Dado Tiles

While not many are aware of the types of tiles that are used in their bathrooms, we at Kolte-Patil Developers assure you only the best. Dado essentially is a type of tile joint that is extremely functional and durable, thus ensuring a longer lifespan. What’s more, the dado tiles used in our residential projects in Pune are anti-skid, thus protecting you from any untoward incidents.

Gas Leak Detector

A gas leak can be dangerous to people as well as the environment. Thus, it is best to have a gas leak detector that alerts residents in the event of a minor gas leak before one is put in the way of harm.

Making eco-efficient urban developments has always been one of the core principles of Kolte-Patil and designing homes with such sustainable features is one step towards offering a future-proof life for our residents.