Green Ganesh Gains Popularity

Green Ganesh Gains Popularity

Ganesh Chaturthi, or the celebration of the birth of Lord Ganesha, is celebrated in many parts of India every year. It is the festival of pomp and gaiety. The auspicious day is celebrated by worshipping the Lord so that every new activity that is started is successfully completed without any hindrances. Preparations for the festival, which falls on September 5th this year, have already begun.

Sustainable living is a big thing that has been accepted widely across the globe because it makes our future greener and feasible for a perfect livelihood. All scriptures converge to one basic learning i.e. perfect living for the untainted glory of the universe created by nature. So it becomes our moral responsibility to abide by the positive aspects of nature and its resources.

To start with this sustainable living, we need to make the right choices of choosing an idol that is made of natural clay which makes our aquatic organisms to live happily in their aquatic homes even after immersing our traditional idols into it.

Why Green Ganeshas?

As going green is the new mantra, let’s opt for eco-friendly or biodegradable materials so that after immersions, the idols do not pollute water and the surroundings. Natural products used to make eco-friendly idols include unbaked clay, coconut, natural fibres, coir ropes, straw, paper, paint with natural colours and other biodegradable materials. The reason is festivals get all of us together and the intention to celebrate any festival should be to spread harmony amongst humans and the natural world. Unintentionally, we have been immersing idols made with Plaster of Paris and toxic chemicals which are insoluble in water, which leads to water pollution. Ironically, it doesn’t support the belief of the festival too. Visarjan or immersion is done so that Ganesha takes away the misfortune of the devotee but scientifically, if we correlate it to the festival, for anything to vanish it at least needs to be soluble. Our activities should always act as a positive catalyst to the society, our health, and natural resources and not to forget, our progenies whom we want to carry on the legacy of our rich culture.

We at Kolte-Patil Developers Ltd. believe in greenery and sustainability. Like other years, we are supporting the BIG Green Ganesha campaign, an initiative by 92.7 Big FM, this year as well.

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You too can be a part of our initiative by supporting the BIG Green Ganesha campaign this year. We need your assistance to make this campaign successful. So bring home a Green Ganesha to create a cleaner and greener environment! Because tradition should never change but technology should. Be a part of the evolving technology and innovations.