Tax Benefits Of Co-Owning A Property As A Married Couple

Tax Benefits Of Co-Owning A Property As A Married Couple

The joint ownership of a property in India, especially as a married couple, offers very many financial advantages. Married couples that wish to jointly own and register a property can avail of attractive home loan offers, stamp duty concessions, and also a number of tax benefits.

Let’s take a closer look at the tax benefits of co-owning a property in India as a married couple:

  • Joint home loans:

A home loan is an essential component of most kinds of property purchase. As co-owners of a property, it is also a good idea to be co-applicants for a home loan. By doing so, you and your spouse can claim tax deductions individually on the stamp duty, property registration charges, loan interest and principal repayment amounts. However, to avail these benefits, your spouse must have a separate and genuine source of income.

  • Co-owner as co-applicant:

The co-owner of the property must necessarily be a co-applicant for the home loan to avail of the aforementioned benefits. In this case, co-owners can claim a deduction of Rs. 2 lakhs under Section 24(b) of the Income Tax Act, individually, for the interest paid towards the loan. The share of interest paid by each partner will be calculated according to his or her ownership share (and financial contribution) of the property. However, the combined deduction availed by all the co-owners should not exceed the total interest obligation for the year. In addition to the tax deductions against the interest amount, co-owners can also claim separate deductions against the principal amount and the stamp duty and registration charges.

  • Eligibility conditions:

The co-owner and co-borrower of the loan must regularly make payments towards the interest and principal amounts in order to avail of the tax benefits. These tax benefits on the property can be claimed from the start of financial year in which the construction is completed. If you make the purchase while the property is still under construction, the expenses that are made prior to the start of the financial year in which the possession of the property takes place, can be claimed in five equal installments, starting in the financial year during which the construction is completed.

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