5 Handy Tips For Buying A Home Online Amidst Lockdown

5 Handy Tips For Buying A Home Online Amidst Lockdown

Selling a property in 2020 is one of the many challenges to match the sales record. Many buyers are still worried about the presence of coronavirus that will continue to put a halt in visiting properties, Kolte Patil Developers are actually prepared to offer property visit without physically viewing it at all. Although virtual viewings still cannot replace physical viewings but to ensure the safety of the buyers who are willing to save time or just casually exploring property options.

But does this mean an end to the site visits? Can an entire real estate negotiation and transaction be done online?

Here are some few tips that can come handy for buying a home during the lockdown.

Undertake A Video Tour

As a result of social distancing, house viewings are not currently available. A solution to this is showing off the property by filming a virtual tour of our dream home. Recently, Kolte Patil Developers have initiated 360-degree videos of homes and site that helps the buyer in getting a vague idea of how the property looks in broad daylight to sunsets.

These virtual presentations encourage a motivated buyer to make an offer to buy the home online.

Research Online

Given the circumstances, it is really important to research as much as possible into the area so you have a clear idea of what you want when the lockdown is over.

This includes researching Ofsted school reports, reviewing sold property prices and taking a look at local transport links and facilities such as shops which can be easily accessed through Google Maps.

Kolte Patil minimizes this effort as the virtual tour of our dream home gives real 360 videos and images of what lies in the vicinity so that you rest assured of the facilities nearby.

Consider Remortage Options

It is advisable to look at remortgage options that do not have redemption penalties to ensure that even if you have to wait a little longer to buy a home online, you’re not spending more than you have to for those extra few weeks or months.

Choose A Suitable Conveyancer

Research your conveyancer options before you select one. It is advisable to choose a conveyancer who has a team to support exchange and completion along with full working from home arrangements in place.

Get A Key Box

This one is more focussed towards the hygiene involved during the transaction. When it comes to exchanging keys for your property, buying a key box can be a good idea if social distancing restrictions are still in place. This will help to avoid possible contact with people and keep everyone safe whilst still allowing the key to be passed over to the buyer.

Many buyers who are in the midst of buying or selling a house have put all their plans on hold following the obstacles or hindrance in the above points. Kolte Patil Developers are known to keep transparency with the buyer no matter the situation. So if you’re planning to buy a home online at Kolte Patil, you can rest assured with the virtual tour of our dream home to safe transactions amidst the lockdown.