How to decorate your balcony to enjoy the best of Monsoons?

How to decorate your balcony to enjoy the best of Monsoons?

After the gruelling summers, the monsoons have blessed us with a sweet earthy smell and breezy winds. Nature presents a blissful show, and you have the balcony front-side tickets!

So, here are a few tips on how to decorate your balcony and enjoy the monsoon to the fullest.

Use blinds for balcony

The pitter-patter of rains is simply the most relaxing sound, and what better source of acoustics than your balcony! But pouring rain can dampen the mood. One of the best tips to prepare your home for monsoon season is to install blinds on your patio. These are usually transparent covers that allow you to enjoy the view without getting soaked.

For more aesthetic balcony decoration ideas in rain, PVC blinds will instantly add character to your balcony. They are available in various colours and sizes while being affordable and easy to install.

Fake grass mat

Ordinary rugs and carpets are prone to dust collection and spreading germs with moisture in the air. For better preparation for monsoon, a fake grass mat serves the purpose of dust-proof flooring and presents a calming aesthetic. Adding to the home cleaning tips for monsoon, these mats are easier to maintain and rarely require scrubbing.

Moreover, studies have suggested that walking on grass mentally rejuvenates you while increasing the level of endorphins. A few small strolls will relieve a massive chunk of stress.

Patio furniture or storage furniture

One of the most conducive apartment balcony garden decoration ideas in rains is to use a patio seating arrangement or Rattan furniture. This type of furniture is weather-resistant, primarily available in aluminium, wicker, wood, and wrought iron. These are super-comfortable and compact– perfectly suited for narrower flat balcony decoration.

Another way to optimise your balcony space is using a foldable/storage seating arrangement. These take up minimal space while providing that extra storage.

Use wall space

Home balcony decoration can be particularly tricky during rains with a risk of damage to your stuff. Mounting on the wall is the best hack and trend this season. There are a variety of balcony wall decor shelves in the market that let you customise it according to your requirements. These decor shelves are available in water-proof materials that shield your stuff from moisture. Floating wall shelves are all the rage for an edgy look. You can also install water-proof storage shelves on the wall.

Chai and chill space

A balcony is such a personal and comfort space with fresh breeze air soothing you from within. One cannot claim a monsoon-ready home unless there is a dedicated corner to enjoy a warm cup of tea with drizzling rains. As mentioned previously, rattan furniture is apt for rain. But you can also implement a few balcony decoration ideas such as a hammock, boho swings, or egg swings for that edgy appearance. You can also use incense sticks, scented candles, soft music, and a bookshelf (Use moisture-resistant cabinets) to decorate the balcony as your little cafe!

Ambient and Accent Lighting

A great ambience can elevate your mood to an apex. Minor changes in the space can make a huge difference. One such parameter is appropriate lighting arrangement. The most recommended aesthetic for an outdoor space is to keep the light as dim as possible. For this, you can use string lights. Decorative lights are budget-friendly, and you can change them frequently. For DIY balcony decor for monsoon, you can experiment with lantern lightings from glass bottles, jars, or paper ones. Recycling the used stuff can be used to hold small light lamps– these definitely present a peaceful atmosphere.

Final Thoughts:

You can use these monsoon tips for home within a cost-friendly budget while creating the perfect atmosphere for tranquillity. While flats in Mumbai and Pune can offer narrower spaces, you can utilise the tips above to make a cosy place out of it. For those looking for spacious rooms and outdoor spaces, check out projects by Kolte-Patil Developers that are nestled between the perfect monsoon scenery.


Q1: How do I make my balcony look bigger?

A: Use a bright popping colour palette for your balcony for the illusion of a larger space. Most preferably, the blue and green combo also adds to the calm ambience.

You can also use the wall space to maximise ground space.

Use a built-in seating area for narrower balconies.

Q2: What is the cost for the blinds on the balcony?

A: For the best quality, the cost is somewhere between INR 500- 2000.

Q3: What cushions should I use for the seating area during rains?

A: Polyurethane foam is the best option for the rainy season as it absorbs moisture and is anti-microbial.

Q4: How do I avoid excess water on the balcony floors?

A: It is essential to have balcony drainage to avoid accumulation. Also helps while cleaning the mats.

Q5: How to avoid foul odour during monsoons?

A: One way is planting flowers on the balcony.

You can use an aroma diffuser which continuously sprays perfumes.

Q6: What is the best flooring for balconies?

A: Anti-skid tiles are the best for:-

  • cleaning, and installation
  • are cost-friendly
  • durability.