Change the Equation of Your Life at Three Jewels by Kolte-Patil Developers

Change the Equation of Your Life at Three Jewels by Kolte-Patil Developers

The outside world is a platform to prove your worth, but it is your home that offers a safe place, regardless!  A home that should unwind your burdens shouldn’t be the cause of concern. Metropolises demand a hefty sum for a block of this space. The surging demand has only led to the inflated real estate market and a shortage of units. The millennials who are presently the target buyers of this decade are facing a flickering real estate market, inflation, higher cost of living, uncertain employment conditions and debts.

Apart from the monetary adjustments, a major turnaround has been observed in the living spaces. A mass consensus suggests that working professionals are less motivated in metros because of the exhausting time in commute, long working hours, poor work-life balance, and a congested environment. The allure of metros is slowly fading away with more urban cities undergoing development with advanced infrastructure.

While the “girl in the new city” was a milestone for fresh out of college, the narrative has now shifted to “girl escapes the city”. Palak had similar aspirations of making it big in the city, but at what cost? Her bursting bubble was enough to realise that one’s mental well-being is more important than the grind. Instead of the daily life of to-and-fro from an office cubicle to a cuboid home, she decided that it was high time to find a more breathing space for herself.

Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad, Noida, Indore have topped the lists for cities that offer commodious apartments, the best co-living arrangements, and a reasonable cost of living. Pune is one of the preferred cities owing to its cordial environment and an apt blend of commercial and residential zones with quality projects including 1 and 2 BHK in Pune.

Palak may not have a definitive idea of her dream home, but she is inspired to find a home that can offer her solace and a holistic approach to life.

For many such millennials who are seeking their very first home, we present a canopy for a holistic living:

A Home to Call Your Own

What would your dream home be like – a space that defines your being. With the next milestone of adulthood so close, it is time to foray into our own. While the independent living situation is not that common in India, the millennial generation of a different worldview are exploring opportunities to find themselves.

The Kolte Patil Three Jewels is one such treasure for new home buyers! For everyone who is escaping the chaos and seeking a more peaceful and tranquil environment, the Moonstone is the perfect symbolism for clearing out your negative attachments and venturing into a positive world of Three Jewels.

Since co-living is a current phenomenon, many working professionals prefer their 2 and 2.5 RLK flats in Punethat help in distributing the cost and expenses fairly. For those looking to buy a home, this project is an absolute package owing to the reasonable price structure and various options to choose from.

To encourage these aspirations of new homebuyers, Kolte Patil Offers a special 50:50 plan where you have to pay only half of the said amount at the time of the booking and the rest 50% after the possession of your home.

Beyond the Cuboid

One of the primary reasons for weariness among millennials is these cuboid homes in Mumbai that drain one’s energy due to congested space.

However, any of Three Jewels’ 2 BHK flat in Katraj Kondhwa Roadis designed specifically to provide much-needed breathing space. The well-ventilated and commodious rooms bring back the nostalgia of our grandmother’s house which used to be breezy with ample space to play around.

Even their 1 BHK flat in Katraj Kondhwa Road simply bathes in the natural light and provides the perfect aesthetic for independent living. All the floor plans are designed to optimise the space, which also includes an enclosed balcony, dry balcony and a terrace. Now, simply imagine living in a house, waking up to a re-energising view with a green landscape filling you with calmness within, if that’s not living, then what is!

Amenities Galore

While the surging demand of metropolitan cities has only deteriorated the quality of projects due to space shortage, the South Pune precinct boasts abundant spaces. Real estate developers have capitalised on this benefit to incorporate as many amenities as possible along with the 1,2, and 2.5 BHK in Pune.

However, Kolte Patil has gone a step further by offering as many as 30+ amenities within the Three Jewels complex.

For the innocent laughter:

  • Toddlers’ Play Area
  • Children’s Play Area
  • Kids Pool
  • Skating Rink

For physical well-being:

  • Adventure Sports Area
  • Climbing Wall
  • Outdoor Exercise Plaza
  • Swimming Pool
  • Pool Deck with Pergola
  • Basketball Court
  • Tennis Court

For a tranquil atmosphere:

  • Seating Plaza with Pergola
  • Walking Trail
  • Sloping Lawn
  • Aroma Garden
  • Lawn Mound
  • Shrub Bed

For a wholesome lifestyle:

  • Party Lawn
  • Amphitheatre
  • Lawn Amphitheatre
  • Stage
  • Clubhouse
  • Senior Citizens’ Plaza
  • Jain Prayer Hall
  • Retail Shopping

This is a dream life for many of us who devote half our existence to work. Coming home to unwind in the simple pleasures of life is the ultimate bliss to experience with your friends and family.

Impeccable Connectivity

The next concern to bother new homebuyers is whether the project is conducive to their commute, a life outside the home and the freedom to roam around. Katraj Kondhwa Road is an efficient suburb with a resolution to these concerns.

First off South Pune is itself a sprawling locale owing to several suburbs such as Bibwewadi, Ambegaon Budruk, Dhankawadi, Mohammed Wadi, Undri, Wanowrie among many others.

The proximity of Katraj Kondhwa Road to these suburbs allows the residents to avail additional resources. This has also led to high demand for 1BHk and 2 BHK flats in Katraj Pune.

Apart from this, Pune International Airport & Pune Railway Junction can be accessed swiftly without much hassle. PMT buses are available for an easy commute to nearing commercial sectors such as Magarpatta, SP Infocity, and other business parks.

Road networks such as ~ Pune Satara Road, Pune Solapur Road, Katraj Bypass Road, NIBM Road, Gangadham-Shatrunjay Road, Bibwewadi-Kondhwa Road, Kondhwa Road form the main network around Katraj Kondhwa Road that interlinks it with the rest of the city and to the outstation. Mumbai-Pune-Bangalore Junction is 10 minutes away from Moonstone Three Jewels. No wonder, these flats in Katraj are the wanderers’ pad!

Top-Tier Essential Services Surrounding the Complex

While the above factors are the uniqueness of the project, a standard prerequisite for any type of living is the accessibility to essential services.

~Inamdar Hospital and Ruby Hall Clinic are just 20 mins away from the complex along with several other prominent healthcare facilities occupying the vicinity.

~NIBM institute and Sinhgad Institute– 5 mins

Bishops School–10 mins

Bharati Vidyapeeth and RIMS International School–15 mins

VIT College and Delhi Public School– 20 mins

(Time taken to reach from the Kolte Patil Three Jewels Complex)

~These flats near Iskcon Temple Katraj are simply at a 5-minute walking distance, for peace of mind like never before.

~The famous Market Yard for wholesale goods– that defines the authenticity of Pune, is just 10 mins away from Three jewels.

In Summation

The Moonstone by Kolte Patil Three Jewels is a haven for those who want their lives to get less complicated. The entire complex is designed to induce a sense of belonging, cheerfulness, and the simplicity of existence.

It is observed that a spacious, slow-paced, stress-free environment contributes more to productivity than the delusions of hustle-culture. Like Palak, who has been stuck in the never-ending loop of city life, Moonstone is that precious gem that adds value to the mundanity.

Check out these 2 BHK Katraj Kondhwa Road that shall change the equation of your life to envision a better future.


Three Jewels (The project Three Jewels has been registered via MahaRERA registration number P52100006160)


Q1: Where exactly are the Kolte-Patil Three Jewels Located?

A: The Kolte-Patil Three Jewels complex is located in Hubtown Rd, Tilekar Nagar, Kondhwa Budruk, Pune, Maharashtra 411048.

Q2: What is the total area covered by Three Jewels?

A: The Three jewels by Kolte Patil is spread across 14 acres of spacious land.

Q3: What are the configurations offered by Three jewels?

A: Their current phase offers 2 and 2.5 RLK apartments. You can avail the detailed information from the website and download the brochure.

Q5: Can I access all the 30+ amenities at Three Jewels regardless of what apartment I buy?

A: Yes! You have full access to all the amenities, regardless of what property you own.

Q6: What is the status of the Kolte-Patil Three Jewels project?

A: At present, Phase 1 is completed and delivered on time with over 750+ families residing happily.

Currently, phase 2 is up for possession in near future. It offers 2 and 2.5 RLK homes in this complex.

Q7: Is there a special offer that can be availed on booking an apartment at Three Jewels?

A: Kolte Patil often comes up with exclusive offers for homebuyers. This time around they are offering a special plan on Three Jewels apartments– a 50:50 offer

Where you pay half the total amount at the time of booking and the rest half after the possession of the apartment.