Three Jewels Is A Paradise For Your Parents

Three Jewels Is A Paradise For Your Parents

Parents work hard their whole life, just to make sure that their children’s needs and desires are fulfilled. They spend their life fulfilling responsibilities and living up to expectations. After all those years of striving for us, they deserve a place where their second innings are full of happiness.

But, how often do you come across a project planned with facilities for your parents? Not often, right? Because now-a-days, most projects are planned keeping the young family at the core. But Kolte-Patil’s Three Jewels at Katraj-Kondhwa road is not like most projects. It has been planned to give your parents the simple joys of old age. Like good company of same-aged people, open & green spaces to spend their leisure time, and more.

Here’s what the project offers to make your parents’ living nothing short of sheer bliss.

  1. Quiet Location

Separated from the hustle and bustle of the city, Three Jewels sits at a peaceful, green location off the Katraj-Kondhwa road. Here, getting troubled by the blaring of horns, getting exposed to air pollution, or getting stuck in traffic if they wish to go out will rarely be a case. Not only them, but even you would benefit from the quiet location.

2. Pleasing Amenities

Along with from offering you lifestyle amenities for an enjoyable living, like swimming pool, tennis court, etc. Three Jewels offers amenities that your parents could enjoy, too. There’s a Senior Citizens’ Plaza and Pergola Seating where they could bond with their new society friends. There’s an Aroma Garden and a Walking Trail where they could relax or take a morning walk. What’s more, there’s also a Toddler’s and Kids’ Play Area where they could enjoy memorable time with their grand-children. With all these facilities, they will always have something to make the most of their time.

3. Jain Praying Hall & Ganpati Sculpture

Golden agers like to use their time by immersing in god’s worship. At Three Jewels, they would never have to go too far from home for that. There’s a Jain Praying Hall/Upashray that is going to be built. And a Ganpati sculpture, too. When they will have a place where they can be one with the almighty whenever they wish to, you can imagine the inner peace they will experience!

4. Katraj Park & Lake, ISKCON Temple, Katraj Jain Temple

Apart from the facilities inside, your parents will also have places for recreation, relaxation or worship outside. Three Jewels is near one of Pune’s three ISKCON Temples, the renowned Katraj Jain Temple and also the popular Katraj Park & Katraj Lake. With all these places in close proximity, they will have plenty of options to make weekend plans or weekend routines. They could plan to visit the temples in the morning. And in the evening, they could enjoy a leisurely stroll in the Katraj Park, sit & relax by the beautiful Katraj Lake or even enjoy the lights-and-dancing-fountain show at the lake!

Three Jewels (The project Three Jewels has been registered via MahaRERA registration number P52100006160) is truly a haven where your parents would enjoy a pleasant life. So, come and gift a truly deserved second inning full of delights to your parents.