Why Gudi Padwa Is The Most Auspicious Time For Home Buyers

Why Gudi Padwa Is The Most Auspicious Time For Home Buyers

Homebuying in India is a lot different than in almost any other part of the world. Here, we don’t just look at the cost, value & returns but also the time of the purchase, the occasion, how auspicious it is, and more! Homebuying isn’t just an occasion where an investment is made; it is an occasion studded with fanfare, celebrations & many pleasant rituals.

Of all the many festivities in the Indian culture, Gudi Padwa (also known as Ugadi, Yugadi, Cheti Chand ) is regarded as one of the most auspicious occasions. It is a spring-time festival that marks the traditional New Year and heralds the arrival of more opportunities, fortune and wealth.

The Mythical Significance

Although Gudi Padwa is linked to the arrival of spring and the reaping of Rabi crops, it has a strong mythical background as well.

The festival is linked to the day on which Hindu god Brahma created time and universe. To some people, it marks the coronation of Rama in Ayodhya after his great battle & victory over Ravan. 

Historical Significance

Gudi Padwa also marks the beginning of Shalivahan calendar after he defeated the Huns invasion in the 1st Century.

What homebuyers can expect during Gudi Padwa

Developers are aware of how important Gudi Padwa is to the Indian Homebuyers, as a lot of inventory is sold on this day. If you’re a homebuyer, then you can expect an array of offers such as lowered down payments, gold, gift vouchers and white goods.

Almost every Indian homebuyer is looking to book a home on Gudi Padwa, which is why developers ensure that big savings are made, and the buyer is not bogged down with large payments & instalments.

Hence, this is why Gudi Padwa is not just the most auspicious occasion but also the one where you can make smart savings!

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