5 Traits Of A Good Real Estate Developer

5 Traits Of A Good Real Estate Developer

The Indian real estate industry is growing manifold, and with it, have emerged an unprecedented number of high-rise structures. Developers are no longer meek about pushing the boundaries of innovation, and it clearly shows. However, that doesn’t mean that they’ve compromised on the very classic attributes that make for a great developer.

If you’re on a house hunt and are looking to zero in on a developer that not just understands your needs, but is also a man of their word, here are the qualities you should look for in one:

#1: A good developer is a risk taker.

Where many fail purely as a result of the fear of the unknown, a good developer will always be up for taking risks. After all, that’s the key to innovation – not being afraid to try new things. Whether it’s a new design, trusting a new team, or managing governmental policies, a good developer is always up for it.

#2: A good developer is a skilled negotiator.

With many parties between the developer and the client, a good one always knows how to keep everyone in the hierarchy happy without compromising on the terms. Good Real Estate Developers understand the requirements of all parties, but seldom let it affect their original plans.

#3: Good developers find solutions.

During construction, there are a number of occasions where things can go wrong. While the entire team is likely to panic, a great, level-headed developer won’t lose their cool, and instead, be solution-oriented. They don’t let the setbacks bog them down, and focus only on finding solutions.

#4: Good developers maintain relationships.

Success in the world of real estate is often found on the basis of the relationships you’ve maintained over time. It takes a while to assemble a team that delivers, and when you’ve found it, you must not let it go. This is what good developers focus on, in order to maintain timely delivery of their projects. They are always on good terms with bankers, attorneys, tenants, contractors, civil engineers, architects, brokers, and others.

#5: Good developers put the customers’ needs first.

Perhaps, the most important attribute, many developers don’t care for what the customer wants, and thus, leave them unsatisfied with the results. Good developers, on the other hand, understand their customers’ needs, prioritize them, and deliver accordingly. They understand that a home is not something you buy every day, and therefore, arrive at a point where their customers have gotten what they want without a compromise on their own morals.

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