Top 5 Reasons That Make Walk To Work A Hit

Top 5 Reasons That Make Walk To Work A Hit

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could just walk down your office. A hop-skip and jump is not just an idiom for some and actually do exist. Well more so for people living in tier 2 cities.

So while we admire the thought of walk-to-work concept let us also list down some of the perks of staying so close to your workplace that you can actually walk-to-work.

Good for health –

The first and foremost obvious reason of staying so close to your workplace is that you can actually walk it down is that it is good for your health. A good walk to and fro office takes care of your exercise routine and the fact that we have to go to work pretty much every day, so we are practically walking a decent amount of time.

You save money –

The fact that you are walking it down to office will keep you in good shape and will be light on your wallet too. The commuting amount that you would have saved at the end of every month can actually turn out to be a large amount. So you make a BIG saving.

Convenience of taking breaks –

The thought of actually going home for lunch instead of opening that cold dabba is a delight only a few enjoy. But it can be real fun if we could actually go back to our family just in time for lunch and eat together. Basically walk-to-work is convenient to take break for lunch or in case of any other emergency.

Less dependency on vehicles for commuting –

By depending less on the cars/cabs or buses or trains is that you avoid the stress of commuting and hence save a lot of energy which you use to walk-to-work. By using less of vehicles, it also turns out well for the environment and hence reduce the pollution.

It increases mental wellbeing –

Walking gives one more time to introspect and basically spend more time with oneself thereby increasing the mental wellbeing of a person. The walking also increases the feel good hormones to actually make you feel more positive which will all increase your productivity.

Downtown in Kharadi from Kolte-Patil Developers Ltd has City Vista in the vicinity of the project along with Eon IT Park, World Trade Centre closeby. This makes it a perfect place to actually work the walk-to-work practice and experience the benefits for yourself.

 Downtown City Vista is registered with RERA under Registration No. P52100007612 available at website: