Top Home Décor Myths Debunked –

Top Home Décor Myths Debunked –

All the RULES must be followed  As they say “Rules are meant to be broken”, the most important rule while decorating your home is that there are no rules. The only thing to be kept in mind is what is that you like? The décor should be the reflection of your personality, taste, hobbies, styles and passion.

There should always be one focal point in every room – 

Define individual “room” within the space. If your living room is large & spacious, designating different functional zones could be an interesting concept. Use rugs, curtains, wallpapers & furniture to segregate the reading, dinning, television viewing and conversation zones.

Couch is always the most important piece of furniture – 

Unless it’s not! Maybe the most important piece of furniture in your home is your dining room table, a bookshelf, an old curio like we said earlier there are no rules.

Fridge is the only place to display your Children’s art – 

Always motivate your children to be creative and most of the kids already have a flair for art, create a gallery or studio wall showcasing the talent of your little one. Sometimes the simplest paintings can add so much to the style of the room.

Dark colors cramp the space – 

Give light colors a break, it is not dark color that cramps the room but the wrong furniture setting or unorganized placement of things. Dark colors adds to the drama & style of the room.

All the dining chairs must look the same – 

No, not as per the latest trend, you can certainly incorporate different styles and textures to your furniture. Standardization is a thing of the past now give the mundane dining area a twist by including a bench some stools and the normal chairs, use different fabrics and cushions too if you like to add to the look.

Furniture must always be lined up against the wall – 

Most of us feel that the furniture must be supported against a wall as not many people keep them floating but if you space plan correctly and create zones you may truly impart a designer look to the décor of your home.

The ceilings must be white – 

While using white is most common when it comes to the ceilings but sometimes it can be a disadvantage, if a room is dark colored a white ceiling will make it look as though the ceiling is lower than it actually is.