5 Reasons That Highlight The Best Features Of A Penthouse

5 Reasons That Highlight The Best Features Of A Penthouse

A penthouse sits on top of an apartment building like a crown jewel. In many ways, you can call it the most ‘aspirational’ part of an urban real estate development.

Here are a few tempting reasons to own a luxury penthouse:

1. That ‘Top of the world’ feeling:

The top-of-the-building apartment is always considered as the most prestigious and exclusive territory of the development. There is a huge sense of pride attached to the ownership of a penthouse.

2. Away from noise and above all clutter:

Penthouses are quieter thanks to their location. The sounds of the city barely reach that high and you can enjoy your solitude without any disturbance. Also, there’s no problem of noisy upstairs neighbours. Unmatched privacy is one of the perks of owning a penthouse.

3. Penthouse exclusives:

Talk about unreserved panoramic views, maximum natural light and excellent ventilation – a penthouse has it all! Also, the layout of a penthouse is usually different from the rest of the apartments in the building. This gives you added space. Penthouses occupy the entire floor so there’s no problem of wall-sharing. Separate entrances is also an added exclusive.

4. Customisation:

A penthouse is a greater and more exclusive ‘sanctuary’ as opposed to an apartment. Also, the added space gives you more room to customise it. For example, many penthouse owners build their own private showers in the outdoor spaces with open views.

5. Outdoor Space in an apartment:

A penthouse owner gets more outdoor space and special amenities that the rest of the building may not have, like bigger balconies, rooftop gardens etc.

Now that you know how amazing it is own a penthouse, here’s something to inspire you in your search for the dream house:

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