5 Things To Look For While Buying A Luxury Apartment

5 Things To Look For While Buying A Luxury Apartment

The term luxury is often overused by some developers. As a result, you end up getting less than what you expected, or may even be confused as to what a truly luxurious apartment should be offering you. 

Here’s 5 things you should look for:

1. High-quality features 

Luxury is not synonymous to an expensive price tag; it is about getting value for money. While you’ll be paying a premium, the home should come with the best features and specifications. Check the brands of the internal specifications, the kind of floor tiles being used, what kind of windows will be installed, etc.

2. Best of modern technology 

Modern living is quite dependent on technology, which makes technologically advanced homes the newest form of luxury. Home automation systems, technologically-advanced fixtures and fittings make living easy, smart and luxurious. 

3. Incredible living dynamics 

True luxury always offers excellent living dynamics. The homes must be strategically designed to make the best use of natural resources. They should provide optimum ventilation and ample sunlight, often with panoramic views for added measure. The layout should also be carefully thought out to bring you ease in your day-to-day functions and routines.

4. A lavish neighbourhood

A neighbourhood with excellent social infrastructure is one of the defining points of a luxury home. There’s two ways to pick the right neighbourhood:

1. Pick a central location, which will have some of the highest prices in the city but also the best social infrastructure.

2. Pick a suburb where you’ll get an even more luxurious home at the same price. However, ensure you select a promising suburb that shows great development, upcoming social infra and good connectivity to the rest of the city. 

5. Impressive architecture 

First impressions are often the last – and what makes a better first impression than impressive architecture? A luxury project always has a team of reputed architects to draft the design, keeping in mind the minutest of details – including the percentage of natural light, ventilation and more. 

Keep in mind, true luxury never speaks for itself – it lets the features do the talking. If you’re looking for luxurious homes in the IT hub of Kharadi, Pune, explore Kolte-Patil’s Tuscan Estate. It has the added advantage of a reputed brand name!

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