Baner: The most important hub for high-end residences in Pune

Baner: The most important hub for high-end residences in Pune

A popular suburb in western Pune, Baner is witnessing tremendous growth in terms of real estate. The sky-high growth of the locale has attracted Pune’s leading developers to launch projects there.

Today, it is an important destination for high-end residential properties in Pune. So how has this all come about? Read on to find out.

Aundh reaches saturation point 

Following Pune’s IT boom, the city started expanding. At first it was Aundh that gained popularity as a housing destination for home buyers from Hinjawadi. However, it couldn’t cater to the housing demand completely as it didn’t take long for Aundh’s development limitations to reach the breaking point. Consequently, home prices began soaring.

Baner gains popularity 

Baner was advantageously placed as the next destination to cater to the demand for homes close to Hinjawadi. This is because of Baner’s strategic location, fast-developing infrastructure as well as its natural beauty. 

Excellent connectivity to other neighbourhoods & cities

Baner is known for its and excellent connectivity to Mumbai and other cities. The Mumbai-Pune Expressway, which is the most important infrastructural development in Pune, lies in its vicinity. It has transformed the once calm city into a hotbed of business activity. Another significant advantage is Baner’s location along the Mumbai-Bangalore highway. 

In the light of these advantages, Baner has transformed into a realty hotspot that attracts investors from all over the country and even beyond. It sees a massive share of serious inquiries from NRIs from the IT sector as well as other industries.

As a result, Baner’s rate of property appreciation has been among the highest in Pune over the recent years.