5 Attractive Truths About Row Houses

5 Attractive Truths About Row Houses

A luxury row house is a serene place to live, for those who want an extra bit of space.

Here’s five truths about row houses and why you should consider making one your new address:

Feels like a step higher

Row houses are replete with amenities akin to luxury homes, with more built-up area, extra undivided share of land and the space for more in-house amenities. In Wagholi, row houses give residents the feeling of owning their own land, with the perks of privacy and private spaces that extend past the front door.

Fewer Complications

Row houses are an upward trend in real estate and new projects are very much in demand – contrary to what you may believe, row houses aren’t high maintenance. In fact, when you move in, in all probability, the neighborhood is already thriving with administration in order.

Green Thumbs

If you’re the nature sorts, a row house has its green benefits. A lawn for gardening can be very satisfying, and you can witness flowers bloom every spring in your own front or back-yard.

It’s Child Friendly

Young kids need open spaces to play. When you own a row house children can play and frolic outside while still under the watchful eye of parents. This is why more families are opting to buy luxury row houses in areas like Wagholi, Pune.

A Posh Neighborhood 

There’s no denying row houses cost more than apartments but for the price you pay you receive a home in an affluent neighborhood, with the perks of occupying a luxurious living space. You can come to expect a sophisticated neighborhood, which makes living in a row house all the more appealing.

Besides the obvious perks of more living space, it’s because of these truths that more people are opting for row houses as their new address in Pune.