The Evolution Of Patio

The Evolution Of Patio

The word ‘patio’ is derived from Latin word ‘patere’, meaning, to lie open. A terrace or a courtyard that’s open to the skies was a part of the general household. The first open-air spaces surrounded by a columned portico appeared as early as 3200 BC in Mesopotamia. Daily life, back then, took place in those open spaces where visitors were received, and business conversations were carried out. Patios were part of the upper-class houses with numerous rooms opening off to it.

Interestingly enough, it was when the Spanish migrated to Central and South America that patio was introduced in the houses of the more affluent colonies. Given its beauty and usefulness, the patio was clearly the heart of the house with galleries, screens, and arcades adorning it. Add to that the tropical sun and floral decorations, and you had the patio to fit your individual needs and whims. These patios, however, have evolved over time, with numerous innovations introduced to them.

Today, patio construction is wired purely for pleasure, featuring a more expensive type of flooring and beauty adornments so as to keep the luxury factor intact. What was once a way of life began to disappear with the construction of flats and satellite townships in the outskirts of the city. Today, a patio commands a fairly large open space that allows direct sunlight, foliage and breathability. However, with houses shrinking in size and quantity seeming to have replaced quality, patios are considered to be nothing less than a luxury spotted only in houses that are large in area. Residents living in compact houses and craving a slice of the vintage courtyard life make do with adding elements that resemble the century-old construction, such as vintage tables and chairs.

Many residential societies today offer a common patio area within their premises that satiates the residents’ need for a large open space where they can relax and bask in the exclusiveness. Western Avenue by Kolte Patil Developers (RERA No- P52100000917) is one such elegant residential project that provides the luxury of a community patio, lending a sense of oneness to its residents where they can unwind and spend quality time with their family. Built with an aim to fulfil every homebuyer’s expectations, the residential project with its attractive patio conveniences, promises a life flourishing with outstanding facilities and great neighbourhoods.