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            The Members,
            Kolte-Patil Real Estate Private Limited
            2nd Floor, City Point Dhole Patil Road

            Our Secretarial Audit Report of even date is to be read along with   the Company’s management is adequate and appropriate for us
            this letter.                                          to provide a basis for our opinion.
            Management’s Responsibility                        4.   We have also relied on the documents and evidences provided
            1.   It is the responsibility of the management of the Company to   on email to us, in view of the prevailing pandemic situation of
               maintain  secretarial  records,  devise  proper  systems  to  ensure   COVID -19.
               compliance with the provisions of all applicable laws and   5.   Wherever required, we have obtained the management’s
               regulations and to ensure that the systems are adequate and   representation about the compliance of laws, rules and
               operate effectively.                               regulations and happening of events, etc.
            Auditor’s Responsibility                           Disclaimer
            2.  Our responsibility is to express an opinion on these secretarial   6.   The  Secretarial  Audit  Report  is  neither  an  assurance  as  to
               records, standards and procedures       followed by the Company   the future viability of the Company nor of the efficacy or
               with respect to secretarial compliances.           effectiveness with which the management has conducted the
            3.   We believe that audit evidence and information obtained from   affairs of the Company.

                                                                                                For SVD & Associates
                                                                                                Company Secretaries
                                                                                                 Sridhar G. Mudaliar
                                                                                                      FCS No: 6156
            Place: Pune                                                                                C P No: 2664
            Date: June 22, 2020                                                             UDIN: F006156B000362072

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