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Kolte-Patil’s stakeholder

         value-creation strategy

         Strategic focus         Key enablers

                                 Kolte-Patil has     vendors with a long-  Stable resource
                                 generated a growing   term focus        providers constitute the
                                 appetite for resources   The Company works   Company’s robust eco-
                                 and services        with a global and   system
          Vendor                 The Company provides   Indian base of resource
          focus                  a robust platform for   providers

                                 Kolte-Patil emphasises   The Company is focused  The Company believes
                                 governance,         on a consistent annual   that an under-borrowed
                                 operational excellence,   topline increase.  Balance Sheet is an
                                 cost leadership     The Company focuses   effective value-driver
          Shareholder            and information     on generating profitable
          focus                  transparency        growth.

                                 Kolte-Patil remains   The Company facilitates  quality and innovation   of training programs
                                 a preferred product   purchase through home  is part of the KPDL   including behavioural,
                                 provider through higher  financing relationships   DNA where we service   product knowledge
                                 product integrity, timely  with large mortgage   customers with a ‘You   etc. to make sure our
                                 delivery, delivery faithful  companies  on Priority’ approach.  customers have a
          Customer               to design and superior   Customer centricity   Continually invest in   holistic experience.
          focus                  price-value proposition  with a sharp focus on   CRM through a range

                                 Kolte-Patil is an   The Company provides   The Company creates   working and training,
                                 employer of 897 people   a stable and exciting   leaders from within,   enhancing career
                                 across locations.   workplace           strengthening retention  development
                                                                         The Company
          Employee                                                       emphasises team

                                 Kolte-Patil is a    The Company invested   environmentally
                                 responsible corporate   in environment-  responsible materials)
                                 citizen.            protecting safeguards
                                                     (sewage treatment,
          Community                                  recycling use of

                                 Kolte-Patil pays taxes   statutes and enriches
                                 in the geographies of   the communities where
                                 its presence, generates  it is present.
                                 local employment,
          Government             complies with laws and

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