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The Profile of Director seeking appointment/re-appointment, as required
            in terms of Regulation 36 (3) of SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure

            Requirements) Regulations, 2015

             Name of the Director                             Mrs. Sunita M. Kolte
             Designation                                      Non-Executive Director
             Director Identification Number                   00255485
             Age (in years)                                   53
             Date of appointment                              15 April 1995
             Qualification                                    B. Com
             Expertise in specific functional area            Total experience of more than 27 years in Real Estate Industry for
                                                              sales promotion, advertisement, publicity and public relations for
                                                              the Company
             Names of listed entities in which the person holds the directorship   NIL
             and the membership of Committees of the board
             Relationship with other Directors                Wife of Mr. Milind Kolte - Executive Director
                                                              Sister of Mr. Rajesh Patil – Chairman and Managing Director and Mr.
                                                              Naresh Patil – Vice Chairman
             Number of shares held in the Company             55,39,553

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