Celebrating Stargaze's success, by launching 24K Stargaze

It is said that when you succeed in something, the best way to celebrate it is following it up with something even better. So when Stargaze turned out to be an overwhelming success, we wanted to take our legacy at Bavdhan a notch higher. So we thought of doing something bigger, better and more luxurious. And in this process, we brought the next level in luxury to Bavdhan, at the newly launched 24K Stargaze residences spread across 18 acres of land with over 30 over lifestyle amenities to explore!

Here's what's best about the 24K Stargaze residences:

To start with the very basic of things, we have made the homes more spacious. More space opens a whole new set of possibilities. For example, furniture. You can have more furniture if you are one of those who like to fill up space with the classiest furnishings. Or you could be all minimalistic and find the perfect balance between utility, space and luxury. Essentially, more space means more luxury of everything!

Nakshatra Club, the grand clubhouse, sits right behind your Platinum home. It is certainly an unparalleled and one of the most outstanding offerings at Stargaze.It would be no wonder if you liken the club to a luxurious resort after seeing its facilities like the Infinity pool, Tennis Court and Squash Court among others!

Speaking of the Viewing Gallery, this facility is thoughtfully planned to give you the best views of the picturesque surroundings. After a tiring day at work, you could unwind here gazing calmly at the stars. Or on pleasant Sunday mornings, you could sit here and lose yourself watching the timeless beauty around you.

They say God is in the details. Which is why we have given attention to even the minutest of details. From chrome-plated sanitary fittings to granite door frames, you'd find a touch exclusive elegance in every inch of space here!( from where are we using this )

Lastly, what makes Kolte Patil's 24K Stargaze a notch above every other project in Bavdhan is it being a part of Stargaze! Stargaze has been one of the most admired and successful projects at Bavdhan, which is evident in the phenomenal response it received. Apart from the exclusive privileges you will enjoy at your Platinum home, you will certainly cherish being part of the Stargaze community, too.

After much anticipation, the next level of luxury has finally arrived at Bavdhan. And now, it is inviting you to experience it.For more details about 24K Stargaze residences, call (1800 266 6654)