Choosing Between 3 BHK & 4 BHK: Finding Your Ideal Home at Pimple Nilakh’s 24K Manor

Choosing Between 3 BHK & 4 BHK: Finding Your Ideal Home at Pimple Nilakh’s 24K Manor

The journey to choosing your dream home, makes almost all individuals face a common dilemma: “3 BHK or 4 BHK?” It’s a question that carries significant weight and can determine the course of your real estate investment. In this blog, we aim to guide you in making a well-informed decision regarding your real estate investment in the residential projects in Pimple Nilakh Pune by comparing the options of a 3 BHK flat and a 4 BHK flat.

The choice between the two is not just a matter of preference; it holds immense importance for your future and your family’s comfort. Several factors and parameters come into play when deciding on your dream home, and we’ll delve into the details.

Here are the key parameters to consider when making your decision:

1. The Budget for Your House

Your budget is perhaps the most crucial factor in determining the right choice of a home. Studies show that, in terms of room ratio and pricing, a 3 BHK flat is often more affordable than a 4 BHK flat.

2. Size of Your Family

 The size of your family plays a fundamental role in determining the appropriate size of your flat. A 3 BHK flat may not be ideal for a family with more than five members.

 Nowadays, even families with just three members are considering 4 BHK flats if their budget allows. Additionally, if your family consists of only two members but you frequently host guests, having an extra room can be beneficial. In such cases, a 3 BHK home is the right choice.

3. Inflation

Inflation rates can significantly impact construction costs, interest rates, and property prices. High inflation rates can lead to further increases in property rates and prices. Therefore, making a decision within a shorter time frame becomes crucial when looking to buy premium properties in Pimple Nilakh region.

 If you observe that the inflation rates are relatively stable, opting for 4 BHK flats in Pimple Nilakh is advisable. However, in times of high inflation, 3 BHK flats in Pimple Nilakh may be the more prudent choice.

4. Loan Amount

The amount of loan or mortgage you can secure also influences your choice of home size. If you can secure a larger loan amount at an affordable interest rate, a 4 BHK flat is a viable option. Conversely, if your loan amount is limited and comes with a higher interest rate, a 4 BHK may exceed your budget, making a 3 BHK the more affordable choice.

5. Property

Before finalizing your decision, thoroughly evaluate the property where you intend to build your dream home. If your desire is to purchase a 4 BHK flat and your budget aligns with this aspiration, it’s wise to proceed with that choice.

However, if some constraints lead you to consider 3 BHK flats, rest assured that Kolte-Patil’s 24K Manor offers a fulfilling living experience regardless of your chosen specifications.

6. Resale Value

Typically, the rate of appreciation of resale value of a 3 BHK apartment is considerably higher than that of a 4 BHK. If you are a frequent property buyer and aim for higher resale profits in the future, a 3 BHK flat provides a more favourable opportunity.

7. House Maintenance

The maintenance aspect is a significant factor in determining the right size for your dream home. If you prefer a flat that is easier to maintain, a 3 BHK is the better option, as 4 BHK flats typically require higher maintenance.

If you can comfortably manage maintenance, or if you have the option to outsource it, then a 4 BHK home becomes a viable choice.


Your personal nature and satisfaction as a buyer is essential considerations. If you are a minimalist and a 3 BHK flat meets your satisfaction, there’s no need to stretch your budget for a 4 BHK flat. On the other hand, if you are not a minimalist and require additional space and comfort, a 4 BHK is the way to go.

Ultimately, the decision between a 3 BHK and a 4 BHK flat hinges on your unique circumstances, budget, family size, and personal preferences. Carefully consider these factors to ensure that the specification of your dream home at 24K Manor aligns perfectly with your vision and aspirations.