A Day In The Life At Western Avenue

A Day In The Life At Western Avenue

It’s never a dull day at Western Avenue. Overlooking the Sayaji hotel in Wakad, I remember walking through the large gate that adorned the premises, which felt like as if I’m making my grand entrance into the plush green avenue. Charming landscapes spread all through till my eyes could reach, and the feeling of home; somewhere I knew I belonged. Ornamented with features of the avant garde era, the entire vibe of WA transported me to an era when life was no less than a cluster of small yet meaningful moments.

Content and smug, I entered my large, sophisticated, immaculately-designed house that emanated pure luxury in its every inch. Vitrified flooring, an exquisite Granite kitchen counter, modular switches, and an expansive bedroom equipped with top-notch features made me realise what it feels like to be living in the lap of exclusivity. Relishing in the distinctiveness that surrounded me, I decided to hit the state-of-the-art gymnasium – the open-air gym at Western Avenue that makes workout all the more fun as you exercise inhaling the fresh air.

Once done, I headed back home, having decided to take a shower. As I stepped into the washroom, I was overcome by the new-age fittings that oozed lavishness. It’s somehow amusing how even monotonous tasks like bathing feel exciting when you’re in the midst of luxury. Post a relaxing shower, I headed  to the 1.2 acre Patio with my children, which is clearly the highlight of my day. Burgeoning with flora, the zen garden is no less than a visual treat with perfectly placed rocks set in immaculate gravel, raked into swirling patterns. Next, we went to the outdoor bowling alley situated within the premises and spent a good hour having tremendous fun challenging each other.

With an aim to bring the perfect evening to a close, we next headed to the breath-taking Cabana pool, relaxing by the waters, chit-chatting about the day’s events. There’s nothing quite like sitting surrounded by the gorgeous water setting that lends a peaceful feeling and calms your senses. Bringing an eventful day to its conclusion, we headed back home with a satisfactory smile on our faces, and hopes for an equally fulfilling tomorrow. At Western Avenue though, we’re always sure about it.

Western Avenue is registered with RERA under Registration No. P52100000917 available at website: http://maharera.mahaonline.gov.in