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Environment, health and safety

            at Kolte-Patil

                                          Our commitment
              Kolte-Patil implemented a   Safety: The Company reported 12.75 million   The International Award, PCERF’s Debut
              holistic approach towards   person-hours during FY20 without any   Company project – Silver Trophy and
              the highest standards of   serious mishap across its construction sites.   Greentech Safety Award in FY20.
              Environment, Health and Safety.  Workers were motivated through various
                                         forums like Motivational Rewards program.   Materials: As a measure of environment
              This approach is defined in the                               responsibility, the Company utilised
              Company’s policy, covering the   The National Safety Week was celebrated   engineered wood for doors, fly-ash over
              provision of a safe workplace,   from 4th to 11 March, 2020.   cement in concrete (to the extent of 25%),
              clean environment and      Infrastructure: As a measure of superior   use of AAC blocks for bricks, recycled
              stakeholder health. We believe   EHS commitment, the Company’s projects   rubber floors, sewage treatment plant and
              that the highest standard of   are equipped with basic infrastructure   treated water for gardening and flushing
              EHS reinforces our position as a   like independent induction rooms/first aid   purposes.
              responsible corporate citizen.  rooms, alliances with proximate hospitals,
                                         emergency vehicles, regular site visits by   Projects: Besides, the Company designed
              A responsible EHS approach   doctors, periodic drinking water testing,   projects around spacious green areas
              strengthens our performance in   crèche for children in camps etc. Every   ranging from 15% to 40% of their property
              various ways.                                                 invested with native trees like neem, banyan
                                         project was provisioned with a competent
              One, it leads to lower work   EHS Officer for compliance with established   and jamun. The World Environment Day
              interruptions, strengthening   standards. A central EHS Leader drove the   was observed on 5 June with extensive tree
              timely project completion.  EHS function across projects in all three   planting.
                                         geographies of the Company’s presence.   Pandemic: This EHS commitment of the
              Two, it protects workforce   Workers were incentivised with safe   Company was validated following the
              interests, enhancing employee   behaviour.                    outbreak of the pandemic. The Company
              and knowledge retention.                                      ensured that workers were registered under
                                         Training: The Company conducted
              Three, it helps moderate direct   extensive training in working on heights   The BOCW Act 1996, which provided them
              and indirect costs (usually eight   and related subjects (fire-fighting) were   subsidised mid-day meals at C5 per meal
              to 32 times direct costs).                                    per person. During the lockdown, C2000 was
                                         conducted by external agencies. The   credited to the accounts of many workers
              Four, there is a growing   Company is engaged in obtaining Integrated   with BOCW registration. The Company
              correlation between corporate   Management Systems at Life Republic,   ensured that workers were provided basic
              respect and clean EHS      subsequently extended to other sites.   rations to enhance their motivation.
              performance, translating into a   Awards: The Company won accolades
              stronger credit rating.
                                         like British Safety Council’s prestigious

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