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            The responsible corporate citizen

                                               CSR vision
              Kolte-Patil is a responsible and   KPDL’s vision is to impart education   one of the largest such departments
              sensitive corporate.            and develop rural areas (preferably   in the country, Pune and PCMC Traffic
                                              villages near to Company’s projects).  Police to ensure the smooth vehicle
              The Company is not only driven
              by the need to make the world a   For Kolte-Patil, corporate social   flow across weather conditions. KPDL
              better place through the creation   responsibility means responsible   distributes branded rain suits to traffic
              of better gated residential     business practices through the   policemen during the monsoons.
              communities but also through a   involvement of all stakeholders in   The Company contributed C25 Lakh
              widening prosperity circle.     the decision making process and in   to Maharashtra CM’s COVID-19
                                              operations. It entails having business   Relief Fund via CREDAI. Further, the
              At Kolte-Patil, our corporate   policies that are ethical, equitable,   Company also fed the poor and the
              citizenship is defined by a number   environmentally conscious, gender   marginalised during the COVID-19
              of priorities.
                                              sensitive, and sensitive towards the   pandemic.
              We believe that we are engaged   differently abled.
              in business to make the world a   Kolte-Patil commits itself to creating a
              better place. We believe that our   more equitable and inclusive society   For Kolte-Patil, corporate
              corporate propriety must extend   by supporting processes that lead to   social responsibility
              to do those who are not connected   sustainable transformation and social   means responsible
              with the Company in any way.    integration.                      business practices through
              Our engagement in corporate                                       the involvement of all
              social responsibility projects are   KPDL shall implement this mainly   stakeholders in the decision
              aligned with national and regional   through vibrant and innovative   making process and in
              priorities.                     partnerships with the government,   operations.
                                              NGO’s and other organisations,
                                              will promote quality education and
                                              development of rural areas.
                                              Over the years, the Company has
                                              engaged with Maharashtra Police,

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