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Material issues      Capitals      Our value-creation
         /addressed           impacted      performance in numbers

                                                      Vendor value
          Superior use of                             FY17             416
          cutting-edge        Manufactured,                                    The Company procured
          technologies        Financial,              FY18            392      a larger quantum of
          leading to          Intellectual      Construction costs   incurred (C Crore)  FY19  492  resources through the
                                                                               years, strengthening
          solution                                                             procurement economies
          differentiation                             FY20                489

                                                 Shareholder value
          Creating the        Financial,
          basis of long-      intellectual,      FY17        14.5    The Company
          term viability      natural,           FY18           18.4  maintained RoCE
          through an a        social and                             consistently in excess
          superior price-     relationship      RoCE %  FY19  15.6   of the cost of capital
          value proposition                      FY20      12.8

                                               Customer value                  Possessions (Apartments handed over)
          Enhancing                              FY17      965     The Company    FY17           1576
          revenue visibility   Intellectual,                       has generated
          through multi-      social and         FY18         1221  revenues, an   FY18            2167
          year customer       relationship      Revenues (C Crore)  FY19  1195  index of the   Revenues (C Crore)  FY19  2108
          agreements                             FY20         1226  value created for   FY20      1601

          Creating a                            FY17             The Company’s
          professional culture                              813  investment in its   FY17   73
                                                                 people (training,
          seeking overarching    Intellectual,   FY18         827  empowerment   FY18       75
          excellence in       human            No. of employees   and career    Retention rate (%)
          everything the                        FY19         852  growth) translated   FY19  79
                                                                 into increased
          Company does                          FY20         879  productivity   FY20        83

          Enhancing                                FY17    0.76             The Company enriched
          stakeholder comfort   Social and         FY18  0.32               communities in the
          that the operations   relationship,                               geographies of its presence
                                                                            through a complement of child
          are safe for all    natural          CSR spending (C   Crore)  FY19  2.18  4.04  feeding programmes and other

         Enhancing                          Government
         the capacity of     Intellectual,       FY17         68      The Company reinvested in
         governments and     manufactured,       FY18          69     nation building through the
                                                                      prompt payments of taxes.
         municipal bodies to   social and
         provide infrastructure   relationship  Taxes paid (C   70
         supports                               Crore) FY19  51

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