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But because it refuses to believe that a market is so bad

            that nothing can sell.

            But because it refuses to be convinced that a word called

            ‘impossible’ exists.

            But because it refuses to believe that you need to mobilise

            debt to enhance shareholder value.

            But because it refuses to believe that you need to have

            compromised profitability to enhance revenues.

            But because it refuses to accept post-tax profit as the sole
            index of growth but prioritises the role of cash flows as


            But because it believes that it is not just profit generation

            but prudent capital allocation that makes companies truly


             Marquee investors       Brands                   Ecosystem of            Institutional
            The Company attracted    Kolte-Patil markets projects   capabilities      frameworks
            prominent global investment   under two brands: ’Kolte-  The Company is driven   Kolte-Patil is listed on the
            firms to invest in its projects,   Patil’ (addressing the   by a holistic ecosystem of   National Stock Exchange
            validating the Company’s   mid-priced and affordable   competence that includes:   (NSE) and Bombay Stock
            competence and credibility.   residential segment) and   construction timeliness,   Exchange (BSE). Several of
            For instance, the prominent   ‘24K’ (addressing the   sales effectiveness, customer  the Company’s projects were
            Kohlberg-Kravis Roberts   premium luxury segment).   relationship management,   certified by the Indian Green
            (KKR) committed C193 Crore   The Company executed   investment in cutting-  Building Council (IGBC).
            in R1 sector of Life Republic,   projects in multiple segments  edge technologies, strong
            Pune; the Company entered   – standalone residential   processes and informed
            into a C120 Crore agreement   buildings and integrated   decision-making. The
            with an affiliate of J.P.   townships.           Company invested in
            Morgan Asset Management                          benchmark technologies
            for its redevelopment project                    like Aluform technology
            Jay-Vijay Society in Vile                        from Korea, adhesive
            Parle (E), Mumbai. Portman                       technology from Italy, water-
            Holdings accounted for                           proofing technology from
            49% of the Company’s                             Germany, pre-fabricated
            Tuscan Estate property                           door technology from Japan
            (Pune). ASK accounted                            and even entered into
            for 70% of Three Jewels.                         collaboration with Dulux to
            The Company’s shares are                         provide world-class services.
            owned by prominent foreign                       The Company was also
            institutional investors like                     among the first to implement
            Pabrai Funds (9.7%) and                          advanced CRM SAP-based
            Goldman Sachs (3.7%),                            ERP in India’s real estate
            among others, as on 31                           sector.
            March, 2020.
                                                                                         Annual Report 2019-20 | 3
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