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Why we are optimistic of the long-term
                                            growth of our sector and business

               1      Growing Indian population
                      Projected to become the most populous country by 2027

                                   2     Urbanisation
                                         India is the fastest urbanising country

                                                    Growing nuclear families
                                             3      There is a consistent decline in the
                                                    average household size

                                                          Millennial demand
                                                    4     Millennials (~47% of India’s working
                                                          population) are driving apartment offtake

                                                     5      Middle-class affluence
                                                            Affluent households have more than
                                                            doubled since 2008

                                                         Increasing incomes
                                                   6     The nominal per-capita net national income during
                                                         FY20 was C135,050, a 6.8% rise

                                               7      Housing shortage
                                                      Affordable housing shortfall placed at
                                                      ~10 million units

                                  8     Improved borrower affordability
                                        Tax incentives on home loans and subsidy for economically
                                        weaker sections have improved home loan affordability

                    9     Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana
                          The Government launched the Housing for All
                          programme (Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana)

                                                          (Source: Economic Times, Outlook India, India Today, Invest India,
                                                               Business Standard, Bloomberg, Live Mint, Business Today)

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