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# 4 Strengthening financial sustainability

                          We protected the integrity

                          of our Balance Sheet

                          In India’s real estate sector, most players reported weaker
                          Balance Sheets in a challenging FY20. Kolte-Patil emerged as
                          the contrarian; the Company strengthened its Balance Sheet
                          through attractive profits and lower debt that protected its
                          credit-rating (arguably one of the highest in the sector).

                      Overview                 Company strengthened its   Over the last four years
                      In a competitive real    fundamentals through a    while the Company reported
                      estate sector passing    growing surplus and lower   attractive growth in revenues,
                      through a sluggish phase,   debt.                  PAT, sales and collections,
                      the biggest insurance is   Strengthening           there was no increase in net
                      derived from the quality of                        debt (reduced in fact) even
                      the Balance Sheet. During   fundamentals           as net worth increased C352
                      this challenging phase, the   The Company reduced net   Crore. This combination
                                               debt by C83 Crore in FY20.   helped right-size the Balance

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