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(ix)  After entering these details appropriately, click on “SUBMIT” tab.  you assent to the Resolution and option NO implies that you
            (x)  Shareholders holding shares in physical form will then directly   dissent to the Resolution.
               reach the Company selection screen. However, shareholders   (xiv) Click on the “RESOLUTIONS FILE LINK” if you wish to view the
               holding shares in demat form will now reach  ‘Password   entire Resolution details.
               Creation’ menu wherein they are required to mandatorily enter   (xv)  After selecting the resolution you have decided to vote on, click
               their login password in the new password field. Kindly note   on “SUBMIT”. A confirmation box will be displayed. If you wish
               that this password is to be also used by the demat holders for   to confirm your vote, click on “OK”, else to change your vote,
               voting for resolutions of any other company on which they   click on “CANCEL” and accordingly modify your vote.
               are eligible to vote, provided that company opts for e-voting   (xvi) Once you “CONFIRM” your vote on the resolution, you will not
               through CDSL platform. It is strongly recommended not to   be allowed to modify your vote.
               share your password with any other person and take utmost
               care to keep your password confidential.        (xvii) You can also take a print of the votes cast by clicking on “Click
                                                                   here to print” option on the Voting page.
            (xi)  For shareholders holding shares in physical form, the details
               can be used only for e-voting on the resolutions contained in   (xviii) If a demat account holder has forgotten the login password
               this Notice.                                        then Enter the User ID and the image verification code and
                                                                   click on Forgot Password & enter the details as prompted by
            (xii)  Click on the EVSN for Kolte-Patil Developers Limited on which   the system.
               you choose to vote.
                                                               (xix) Shareholders can also cast their vote using CDSL’s mobile
            (xiii) On the voting page, you will see “RESOLUTION DESCRIPTION”   app “m-Voting”. The m-Voting app can be downloaded from
               and against the same the option “YES/NO” for voting. Select   respective Store. Please follow the instructions as prompted by
               the option YES or NO as desired. The option YES implies that
                                                                   the mobile app while Remote Voting on your mobile.

            Process for those shareholders whose email addresses are not registered
            with the depositories for obtaining login credentials for e-voting for the

            resolutions proposed in this notice:

            1.   For  Physical shareholders-  please  provide  necessary details   CLID), Name, client master or copy of Consolidated Account
               like Folio No., Name of shareholder, scanned copy of the share   statement, PAN (self attested scanned copy of PAN card),
               certificate (front and back), PAN (self attested scanned copy of   AADHAR (self attested scanned copy of Aadhar Card) to
               PAN card), AADHAR (self attested scanned copy of Aadhar Card)   Company/RTA email id.
               by email to Company/RTA email id.               3.   The company/RTA shall co-ordinate with CDSL and provide the
            2.   For Demat shareholders - please provide Demat account   login credentials to the above mentioned shareholders.
               detials (CDSL-16 digit beneficiary ID or NSDL-16 digit DPID +

            Instructions for shareholders attending the agm through vc/oavm are as


            1.   Shareholder will be provided with a facility to attend   Wi-Fi or LAN Connection to mitigate any kind of aforesaid
               the  AGM  through  VC/OAVM  through  the  CDSL  e-Voting   glitches.
               system.  Shareholders may access  the same at https://www.  5.   Shareholders who would like to express their views/ask
      under shareholders/members login by using   questions during the meeting may register themselves as a
               the remote e-voting credentials. The link for VC/OAVM will be   speaker by sending their request in advance atleast 3 days prior
               available in shareholder/members login where the EVSN of   to meeting mentioning their name, demat account number/
               Company will be displayed.                          folio number, email id, mobile number at (company email id).
            2.   Shareholders are encouraged to join the Meeting through   The shareholders who do not wish to speak during the AGM
               Laptops / IPads for better experience.              but have queries may send their queries in advance 3 days prior
            3.   Further shareholders will be required to allow Camera and use   to meeting mentioning their name, demat account number/
               Internet with a good speed to avoid any disturbance during   folio number, email id, mobile number at investorrelation@
               the meeting.                               These queries will be replied to by the company
                                                                   suitably by email.
            4.   Please note that Participants Connecting from Mobile Devices
               or Tablets or through Laptop connecting via Mobile Hotspot   6.   Those shareholders who have registered themselves as
               may experience Audio/Video loss due to Fluctuation in their   a speaker will only be allowed to express their views/ask
               respective network. It is therefore recommended to use Stable   questions during the meeting.

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