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Notes forming part of the Consolidated Financial Statements

            41. EARNINGS PER SHARE
                                                                                       Year ended     Year ended
                                                                                    March 31, 2020  March 31, 2019
             Net profit attributable to shareholders (` in Lakhs)                           7,240           7,540
             Nominal value of equity shares (Amount in Rs.)                                   10              10
             Weighted average number of equity shares for basic (No. in Lakhs)               758             758
             Weighted average number of equity shares for diluted EPS (No. in Lakhs)         762             762
             Basic earnings per share – (Amount in Rs.)                                      9.55           9.95
             Diluted earnings per share – (Amount in Rs.)                                    9.50           9.92

            i)   Capital Management
               The group’s capital management objectives are:
                - to ensure the company’s ability to continue as a going concern
               - to maximize the return to stakeholders through the optimization of the debt and equity balance.
                The group monitors capital on the basis of the carrying amount of equity as presented on the face of the statement of financial position.
               The company sets the amount of capital in proportion to its overall financing structure, i.e. equity and financial liabilities. The company
               manages the capital structure and make adjustments to it in the light of changes in economic conditions and the risk characteristics of
               the underlying assets.

            a)  Gearing Ratio:
               The Gearing ratio at the end of the reporting period are as follows:                    (H in Lakhs)

                                                                                           As at           As at
                                                                                    March 31, 2020  March 31, 2019
             Debt* (A)                                                                     72,867          80,701
             Cash and bank balances (B)                                                     8,032           4,168
             Net Debt (C) = (A-B)                                                          64,835          76,533
             Total Equity (D)                                                              91,982          84,602
             Net debt to equity ratio ( E )=(C/D)                                         70.49%          90.46%

            *Debt is defined as long-term and short-term borrowings.

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