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Spotlight mindset       Long-term                 Focus                   Controlled growth
            At Kolte-Patil, we believe   At Kolte-Patil, we are a long-  At Kolte-Patil, we believe   At Kolte-Patil, we believe
            that we are always being   term-focused Company - by   that the narrower the field of  that one of the biggest
            watched – watched by    the nature of products that   competence the bigger the   drivers of our sustainable
            our colleagues, watched   we create to the way we   possibility of specialisation   growth is that we have
            by regulators, watched by   perceive our existence. We   and sustainable   never consciously desired
            stakeholders, watched by   don’t just create products   competence. In view of this,   to become the biggest in
            prospective customers,   that will last generations;   we have selected to not   our business at any cost; on
            watched by the world at   we expect to exist across   diversify into any unrelated   the contrary, the dominant
            large. Whether we are   generations as well. This   business but deepen our   position that we enjoy in
            being watched or not is   aspiration puts a premium   capabilities and competitive   Pune has been derived from
            immaterial; what we believe   on our capacity to think   advantage. At our Company,  measured and controlled
            is important is to be the role   long-term: this is reflected in   we have deepened this   growth where we conducted
            model through thought and   virtually everything that we   sense of focus: we see our   business within the
            action, putting a premium   do. Whether it is the kind of   role as an efficient convertor   perimeters of our Balance
            on what we are, what we do   ERP we invest in; whether   who creates properties   Sheet – drawing down
            and how we are perceived.    this is related to the kind   in the lowest cost in the   debt, maximising accruals
                                    of equipment we seek to   quickest time and at the   and responsible capital
                                    buy; whether it is related to   highest quality rather than   allocation. The result: we
                                    the size and location of the   as a Company that would   have remained asset-light
                                    township we seek to grow;   rather buy, trade or invest in   and profitable through some
                                    whether this is related to   extensive land banks (except  of the most challenging
                                    the pedigree of the private   when we are building   market cycles.
                                    equity partner we wish to   townships).
                                    collaborate with in building
                                    one of our projects.

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