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Philosophy              Integrity                 The right way           The list is endless
            It would be easy to classify   At Kolte-Patil, we placed   At Kolte-Patil, we believe   When you seek to do things
            Kolte-Patil as a real estate   integrity at the cornerstone   that merely seeking to   right, the list is endless.
            construction Company.    of our business. While   be honest and ethical   There are hundreds of values
            Over the years, we have   we would have done this   is one part of the story.   we hold dear: a respect for
            positioned ourselves around   irrespective of the nature of   This commitment needs   meritocracy, putting the
            ‘Creation, not Construction’.   business we entered, the role   to be reflected across   customer’s interest first
            This has extended us from   of integrity ran deeper in our   every initiative across   (even when the customer
            functional construction to   business.  Considering that   every function and across   would never know),  respect
            the development of spaces   home purchase   was usually   every executive. Unless   for gender equality, complete
            that are present-perfect and   the result of a lifetime   this ‘rightness’ is owned   intolerance for sexual
            future-proof, reinforcing   of savings for most that   universally across the   harassment, impatience
            our respect. We achieve   brought from us, there was   Company, the impact will   with ethical transgressions,
            this through a 360-degree   an unspoken responsibility   never be effective. The   recruitment without
            business approach focusing   that came with sale: to live   result is that over the years   prejudice, respect for the
            on social, scalable, profitable  up in every way possible   we have preferred relative   dignity of people and an
            and sustainable growth.   to the expectations of our   slowness while doing it   overarching respect for the
                                    customers.                right as a more acceptable   earth. The objective is to
                                                              virtue over cutting corners.   make the world a better
                                                              The result is that at our   place to be in.
                                                              Company, we speak a
                                                              different language: ‘What
                                                              is the fastest we can do
                                                              without a transgression of
                                                              any kind?’ The result, we
                                                              are pleased to report, has
                                                              been a higher benchmark
                                                              in virtually everything we
                                                              do, starting with a voluntary
                                                              clause way before this was
                                                              statutorily warranted. The
                                                              Company had become
                                                              RERA-compliant even before
                                                              RERA became a reality.

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