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these consolidated financial statements that give a true and fair   those risks, and obtain audit evidence that is sufficient and
          view of the consolidated financial position, consolidated financial   appropriate to provide a basis for our opinion. The risk of not
          performance including other comprehensive income, consolidated   detecting a material misstatement resulting from fraud is
          cash flows and consolidated changes in equity of the Group and in   higher than for one resulting from error, as fraud may involve
          joint venture in accordance with the Ind AS and other accounting   collusion, forgery, intentional omissions, misrepresentations, or
          principles generally accepted in India.  The respective Board of   the override of internal control.
          Directors of the companies included in the Group and of joint   •    Obtain an understanding of internal financial control relevant
          venture are responsible for maintenance of adequate accounting   to the audit in order to design audit procedures that are
          records in accordance with the provisions of the Act for safeguarding   appropriate  in  the  circumstances.  Under  section  143(3)(i)  of
          the assets of the Group and joint venture and for preventing and   the Act, we are also responsible for expressing our opinion on
          detecting frauds and other irregularities; selection and application of   whether the Parent has adequate internal financial controls
          appropriate accounting policies; making judgments and estimates   system in place and the operating effectiveness of such
          that are reasonable and prudent; and design, implementation and   controls.
          maintenance of adequate internal financial controls, that were
          operating effectively for ensuring the accuracy and completeness of   •    Evaluate the  appropriateness  of accounting  policies  used
          the accounting records, relevant to the preparation and presentation   and the reasonableness of accounting estimates and related
          of the financial statements that give a true and fair view and are free   disclosures made by the management.
          from material misstatement, whether due to fraud or error, which   •    Conclude on the appropriateness of management’s use of the
          have been used for the purpose of preparation of the consolidated   going concern basis of accounting and, based on the audit
          financial statements by the Directors of the Parent, as aforesaid.
                                                                evidence  obtained, whether  a  material  uncertainty  exists
          In preparing the consolidated financial statements, the respective   related to events or conditions that may cast significant doubt
          Board of Directors of the companies included in the Group and of   on the ability of the Group and of its joint venture to continue
          its joint venture are responsible for assessing the ability of the Group   as a going concern. If we conclude that a material uncertainty
          to continue as a going concern, disclosing, as applicable, matters   exists, we are  required to draw attention  in our auditor’s
          related to going concern and using the going concern basis of   report to the related disclosures in the consolidated financial
          accounting unless the management either intends to liquidate or   statements or, if such disclosures are inadequate, to modify
          to cease operations, or has no realistic alternative but to do so.   our opinion. Our conclusions are based on the audit evidence
                                                                obtained up to the date of our auditor’s report. However, future
          The respective Board of Directors of the companies included in the   events or conditions may cause the Group to cease to continue
          Group and of its joint venture are also responsible for overseeing the   as a going concern.
          financial reporting process of the Group.
                                                             •    Evaluate the overall presentation, structure and content of the
          AUDITOR’S RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE AUDIT OF             consolidated financial statements, including the disclosures,
          THE CONSOLIDATED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS                 and whether the consolidated financial statements represent
          Our objectives are to obtain reasonable assurance about whether   the underlying transactions and events in a manner that
          the  consolidated  financial statements  as a  whole  are free  from   achieves fair presentation.
          material misstatement, whether due to fraud or error and to issue   •    Obtain sufficient appropriate audit evidence regarding the
          an auditor’s report that includes our opinion. Reasonable assurance   financial information of the, entities or business activities within
          is a high level of assurance but is not a guarantee that an audit   the Group and of its joint venture to express an opinion on
          conducted in accordance with SAs will always detect a material   the consolidated financial statements. We are responsible for
          misstatement when it exists. Misstatements can arise from fraud or   the direction, supervision and performance of the audit of the
          error and are considered material if, individually or in the aggregate,   financial statements of such entities included in the consolidated
          they could reasonably be expected to influence the economic   financial statements of which we are the independent auditors.
          decisions of users taken on the basis of these consolidated financial   For  the  other  entities included  in the consolidated  financial
          statements.                                           statements, which have been audited by other auditors, such
          As part of an audit in accordance with SAs, we exercise professional   other auditors remain responsible for the direction, supervision
          judgment and maintain professional skepticism throughout the   and performance of the audits carried out by them. We remain
          audit. We also:                                       solely responsible for our audit opinion.
          •    Identify and assess the risks of material misstatement of the   Materiality is the magnitude of misstatements in the consolidated
             consolidated financial statements, whether due to fraud or   financial statements that, individually or in aggregate, makes
             error, design and perform audit procedures responsive to   it probable that the economic decisions of a reasonably

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