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Notes forming part of the standalone financial statements

          (b) Lease Liabilities
          The weighted average incremental borrowing rate applied to lease liabilities as at April 1, 2019 is 12%. Lease Liabilities payable within one
          year is H587 Lakhs and payable after one year and less than 5 years is H 1,325 Lakhs.

          NOTE 48 - The Company has entered into Security Sales Agreement (SSA) dated May 28, 2019 (including addendum to SSA dated March
          28, 2020), with ICICI Ventures Funds Management Company Limited (Acting as Fund Managers of India Advantage Fund III and IV) and Kolte-
          Patil I-Ven Townships (Pune) Limited [“KPIT”]. As per SSA, the Company has purchased 30 Lakhs equity shares held by India Advantage Fund
          III and 20 Lakhs Equity shares held by India Advantage Fund IV at a consideration of H8,968 Lakhs and H5,978 Lakhs respectively, aggregating
          to ` 14,946 Lakhs. As a result, shareholding of the Company in KPIT has increased from 45% to 95%. Further the Company has paid its first
          tranche amounting to H7,000 Lakhs in December 2019 and next tranche is payable in August 2020 for the remaining amount. Pursuant to
          Pledge Agreement dated May 6, 2020, 5,000,000 Equity shares have been pledged in favour of IDBI Trusteeship Services Limited, Trustees of
          India Advantage Fund III & India Advantage IV for securing the sale consideration as defined in SSA.
          NOTE 49 - Amount less than Re. 0.5 Lakh has been rounded off and shown as H0 Lakhs.

                                                For and on behalf of the Board of Directors
                                                Rajesh Patil                                Milind Kolte
                                                Chairman & Managing Director                Executive Director
                                                (DIN:00381866)                              (DIN:00170760)
          Place : Pune                          Gopal Sarda              Atul Bohra         Vinod Patil
          Date : June 23, 2020                  Chief Executive Officer    Chief Financial Officer    Company Secretary

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