Page 17 - Kolte Patil AR 2019-20
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At Kolte-Patil, Anti-Fragile

             is not just about resisting

             the downtrend.

             It is about growing through

             the slowdown as well

                                                  This is where we are

                                                         Growing          Growing
                                      Leading real
                                                       presence in
                                    estate brand in    Mumbai and        development
                                                        Bengaluru        partnerships

                                              Maturing Life
                                             Republic; point     Declining
                                               of take-off

                                               This is where we wish to go

                                        Double                            Generate
                                       sales and        Grow our          ~20-25%
                                                      Pune presence
                                    revenues across   and leadership to   revenues from
                                    the foreseeable     ~3.5 msf         Mumbai and
                                        future                          Bengaluru in a
                                                                          few years

                                                Deepen             Faster
                                               cash-light       sales in Life
                                              partnerships        Republic

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