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How Kolte-Patil has reinforced its

            Anti-Fragile positioning over the years

            Collections         Sales volume         Sales value        Possessions             Turnover^
            (C Crore)           (million sq ft)      (C Crore)          (Apartments handed over)  (C Crore)

              965  1109  1247  1368  2.08  2.09  2.70  2.50  1220  1198  1432  1315  1576  2167  2108  1601  965  1221  1195  1226

              FY17  FY18  FY19*  FY20*  FY17  FY18  FY19  FY20  FY17  FY18  FY19  FY20  FY17  FY18  FY19  FY20  FY17  FY18*  FY19  FY20

            Definition          Definition           Definition            Definition           Definition
            Collections are a   Sales indicate the   Sales indicate the    Possessions          Sales growth without
            financial indicator   quantum of real estate   value of real estate   indicate the speed   deducting taxes
            that measures a     sold in a financial   sold in a financial year,   with which the   Why we measure
            Company’s ability to   year, indicating the   indicating existing and   Company is handing
            collect outstandings   life-cycle of the project   prospective revenues   over apartments,   This measure reflects
            on schedule. The    (until handover).    (until handover to the   concluding collections   the result of our
            higher the collections,   Why we measure  customer).           and closing the      capacity to capitalise
            the stronger the cash                    Why we measure        account – the higher   on market trends and
            flow.               Sales provide an                           the better.          service customers
                                index of prospective   Sales by value provide                   with corresponding
            Why we measure      revenues and profits.   an index of prospective   Why we measure  products, superior
            Collections provide                      revenues and profits.   Possessions drive   technologies and
            an index of the     Performance                                profitability – the   competent supply
            Company’s cash      The Company reported   Performance         ability to convert   chain management.
            comfort in quantum   2.5 million sq ft of   The Company reported   inventory into
            terms.              sales in FY 20 despite   C1315 Crore of sales   revenues.       Performance
                                making no new        in FY 20, which was                        Our aggregate sales
            Performance         launch.              creditable for the    Performance          increased 2.6% (or C31
            The Company reported                     fact that they were   The Company reported   Crore) in FY 20, which
            a C120 Crore increase                    achieved through      a possession of 1601   compared favourably
            in collections in FY                     sustenance sales.     units in FY 20 arising   with the preceding
            20 following high                                              out of construction   years despite the
            apartment sales                                                efficiency and       sluggishness of the
            coupled with a strong                                          completion clearance   real estate sector.
            control on receivables.                                        from municipal       *Adjusted for the strategic
            *Includes DM collections                                       authorities.         divestment of the Wakad
            C62.8 Crore in FY19 and                                                             land parcel worth C182
            C55.5 Crore in FY 20                                                                Crore

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