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3.   Does the company identify and assess potential environmental risks? Y/N
               Yes, we do Environment Impact Assessment Study for projects of the Company and take the steps accordingly.
            4.   Does the company have any project related to Clean Development Mechanism? If so, provide details thereof, in about 50 words or so. Also,
               if Yes, whether any environmental compliance report is filed?
               As on date there is no project which is directly relating to Clean Development Mechanism. But in development of residential and
               commercial buildings the Company at Group level is consistent in making provision which are required by law to keep environment
               safe and clean and we adhere to required standards.
            5.   Has the company undertaken any other initiatives on – clean technology, energy efficiency, renewable energy, etc. Y/N. If yes, please give
               hyperlink for web page etc.
               No, the Company has not undertaken any other initiatives on clean technology, energy efficiency, renewable energy etc.
            6.   Are the Emissions/Waste generated by the company within the permissible limits given by CPCB/SPCB for the financial year being reported?
               During construction the project, all parameters set by SPCB (MPCB) are monitored and complied.
            7.   Number of show cause/ legal notices received from CPCB/SPCB which are pending (i.e. not resolved to satisfaction) as on end of Financial
            Principle 7
            1.   Is your company a member of any trade and chamber or association? If Yes, Name only those major ones that your business deals with:
               Yes, the Company is a member of following association:
               a.  Maharashtra Chamber of Housing Industry - Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Associations of India
            2.   Have you advocated/lobbied through above associations for the advancement or improvement of public good? Yes/No; if yes specify the
               broad areas ( drop box: Governance and Administration, Economic Reforms, Inclusive Development Policies, Energy security, Water, Food
               Security, Sustainable Business Principles, Others)
            Principle 8
            1.   Does the company have specified programmes/initiatives/projects in pursuit of the policy related to Principle 8? If yes details thereof.
               The Company has specified programmes/initiatives/projects in pursuit of the policy. The major initiative is promotion of Education.
            2.   Are the programmes/projects undertaken through in-house team/own foundation/external NGO/government structures/any other
               The project is undertaken through Trust.
            3.   Have you done any impact assessment of your initiative?
            4.   What is your company’s direct contribution to community development projects- Amount in INR and the details of the projects undertaken.
               Amount spent on promotion of Education is C379 Lakhs for FY 2019-20.
            5.   Have you taken steps to ensure that this community development initiative is successfully adopted by the community?
            Principle 9
            1.   What percentage of customer complaints/consumer cases are pending as on the end of financial year.
               There are no customer complaints/consumer cases are pending as on 31 March 2020.
            2.   Does the company display product information on the product label, over and above what is mandated as per local laws? Yes/No/N.A. /
               Remarks (additional information)
               The Company being in the business of Real Estate Development, it is governed by the Real Estate (Regulation and Development)
               Act 2016 (RERA). As per the RERA Act, complete information about the project is displayed on the MahaRera website with ongoing
               quarterly updates about the project progress.
            3.   Is there any case filed by any stakeholder against the company regarding unfair trade practices, irresponsible advertising and/or anti-
               competitive behaviour during the last five years and pending as on end of financial year. If so, provide details thereof,
            4.   Did your company carry out any consumer survey/ consumer satisfaction trends?
               Customer satisfaction is the ultimate object of the Company. The Company collects feedback form from customers who visit our sales
               offices and at the time possession of the flats/units. The feedback forms are reviewed by the management and necessary actions have
               been taken by the Company based on customer feedback.
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