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          The details of previous three Annual General Meetings of the Company are as follows:
          Financial  Date and Time  Venue             Special   Purpose of Special Resolution
          Year                                        Resolution
          2016-17  28 September   Yashwantrao Chavan   NIL      Not Applicable
                  2017 at 12.15 PM Academy Of Development
                                Administration (YASHADA),
                                MDC (Auditorium) Building,
                                Raj Bhavan Complex, Baner
                                Road, Pune – 411 007
          2017-18  29 September   Regal Hall, The Pride Hotel, 5  NIL  Not Applicable
                  2018 at 11.30 AM University Road, Shivajinagar,
                                Pune – 411005
          2018-19   21 September   Palladium, Residency Club,   5  1.   To consider and approve re-appointment of Mr. Prakash
                  2019 at 10.30 AM General A.K. Vaidya Marg,        Gurav (DIN: 02004317) as Independent Director for a
                                Pune – 411001.                      period of 5 years from 13 September 2019
                                                                2.   To consider and approve re-appointment of Mr. Jayant
                                                                    Pendse  (DIN:02434630)  as  Independent  Director  for  a
                                                                    period of 5 years from 13 September 2019
                                                                3.   To consider and approve re-appointment of Mr. G L
                                                                    Vishwanath (DIN: 01758785) as Independent Director for
                                                                    a period of 5 years from 13 September 2019
                                                                4.   To consider and approve re-appointment of Mrs. Manasa
                                                                    Vishwanath (DIN: 05241229) as Independent Director for
                                                                    a period of 5 years from 13 September 2019
                                                                5.   To consider and approve fund raising up to C500 Crores

          POSTAL BALLOT:                                        Code-of-Fair-Disclosure-Kolte-Patil_Developers_Limited.pdf
          The Company has not obtained approval of members by way of      The Company regularly monitors the transactions in terms of
          postal ballot (e-voting and postal ballot) during FY 2019-20.  the Code undertaken by the employees of the Company. The
                                                                Company also informs the stock exchange(s) periodically about
          DISCLOSURES:                                          the transaction(s) undertaken by the designated employees
          (A)  Subsidiary Companies                             and their shareholdings as per the regulations.
             The Company has 2 (Two) material non-listed Indian   (C)  Materially Significant Related Party Transactions
             subsidiaries whose income or net worth exceeds 10% of the      There were no materially significant related party transactions
             consolidated income or net worth of the listed holding and its   with its promoters, directors or its management, their
             subsidiaries in the immediately preceding accounting year. The   subsidiaries/associates or relatives, etc. that had  a potential
             following are material non-listed Indian subsidiaries:
                                                                conflict with the interest of the Company.
             (i)  Kolte-Patil I-Ven Townships (Pune) Limited
                                                                The disclosure of transactions with related parties set out in
             (ii)  Kolte-Patil Real Estate Private Limited      Note No. 43 of Standalone Financial Statements, forming part
             The company has formulated a policy for determining ‘material’   of the Annual Report.
             subsidiaries. The said policy can be accessed at http://www.     The Company’s major related party transactions are generally
        with its subsidiaries and associates.  The related party
          (B)  Insider Trading Code                             transactions are entered into based on considerations of
             The company has formulated Code of fair disclosure. The said   various business constraints.
             code can be accessed at     All related party transactions are done on arms’ length basis,

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