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Sr. No.  Name of the Director                   No. of meetings attended      Sitting fees paid (D in Lakhs)
          1.       Mrs. Sunita Kolte                      5                                               2.50
          2        Mrs. Vandana Patil                     4                                               2.00
          3        Mr. Prakash Gurav                      5                                               2.50
          4        Mr. Umesh Joshi                        3                                               1.50
          5        Mr. G. L. Vishwanath                   3                                               1.50
          6        Mr. Jayant Pendse                      5                                               2.50
          7        Mrs. Manasa Vishwanath                 3                                               1.50
          Total                                                                                         14.00

          g)  Details of remuneration paid to the Chairman and Managing Director and Executive Directors of the Company
             The remuneration paid to the Chairman and Managing Director and Executive Directors for the year ended on 31 March 2020 is as
                                                                                                      (C in Lakhs)
          Name of Director Salary, bonus   Perquisites  Retirement   Performance linked   Total  Stock Options
                        and Allowances               benefits   incentive/Commission $             granted
          Mr. Rajesh Patil  93.95      -*            6.05       100.00              200.00           NIL
          Mr. Naresh Patil   93.95     -*            6.05       100.00              200.00           NIL
          Mr. Milind Kolte   93.95     -*            6.05       100.00              200.00           NIL
          *Less than C1 Lakhs
          $Commission of C100 Lakhs each was paid to Executive Directors.
          The term of service of the Chairman and Managing Director and   a)  Terms of Reference to Stakeholders’ Relationship
          Executive Directors is for a period of five years from their respective   Committee
          date of appointment, as approved by the shareholders in the Annual   y y Redressal of the investors’ complaints like non-receipt of annual
          General Meeting. The other terms and conditions of employment   reports, dividend payments, change or deletion of name, issue
          are governed by Company’s Human Resource Policy.      of new/duplicate share certificates, general meetings etc.;
          h)  Shareholding of Non-Executive Directors        y y Dematerialization, re-materialization, transfer, transmission,
             The shareholding of Non-Executive Directors as on 31 March   consolidation, sub-division of shares, debentures and securities
             2020 is as follows:-                               and other allied transactions;
          Sr.  Name of Non-Executive   No. of Equity shares held   y y Delegation of power to the executives of the Company and to
          No. Director                   (face value D10 each)   the Registrar and Transfer Agent of the Company to accomplish
          1   Mrs. Sunita Kolte                   5,539,553     aforesaid objectives;
          2   Mrs. Vandana Patil                  7,131,380  y y Review of measures taken for effective exercise of voting rights
          3   Mr. Prakash Gurav                        NIL      by shareholders;
          4   Mr. G. L. Vishwanath                     NIL   y y Review of adherence to the service standards adopted by the
          5   Mr. Jayant Pendse                        NIL      Company in respect of various services being rendered by the
          6   Mrs. Manasa Vishwanath                   NIL      Registrar & Share Transfer Agent;
          7   Mr. Umesh Joshi                          NIL
                                                             y y Review of the various measures and initiatives taken by
                                                                Company for reducing the quantum of unclaimed dividends
          STAKEHOLDERS’ RELATIONSHIP COMMITTEE                  and ensuring timely receipt of dividend warrants/annual
          The Stakeholders’ Relationship Committee of the Company   reports/statutory notices by the shareholders of the company.
          comprises of 6 members, in which 5 members are Independent   b)  Meeting
                                                                The Company has given authority to its Registrar and Transfer
                                                                Agent i.e. M/s. Bigshare Services Private Limited to resolve the
                                                                complaints of shareholders of the Company. The 99.99% shares
                                                                of the Company are held in Dematerialized form.

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