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5.   Five (5) Board Meetings were held during the year and the gap   Sr.   Name of the   Skills/expertise/competence
             between two meetings did not exceed 120 days. The dates on   No.  Director
             which the board meeting were held as follows :
                                                             1   Mr. Rajesh Patil  Business development, land
             i)   28 May 2019
                                                                                procurement, funding requirements,
             ii)  06 August 2019                                                the new business planning and
             iii)  07 September 2019                                            strategies, project execution, quality
             iv)  11 November 2019                                              control, technology advancement,
                                                                                process and information technology
             v)  07 February 2020
                                                             2   Mr. Naresh Patil  Business development, new business
          6.   None of the Non-Executive Directors have any material            planning and strategies, Liasoning and
             pecuniary relationship or transactions with the Company.
                                                                                planning of construction activities.
          7.   During the year, information as mentioned in Part A of Schedule
             II of the Listing Regulations has been placed before the Board   3  Mr. Milind Kolte  Legal matters, operations,
             for its consideration. Based on the information placed before      procurement, Liasoning and planning
             the Board, strategic and vital decisions are taken for effective   of construction activity.
             governance of the Company.                      4   Mrs. Sunita Kolte  Public Relations, Marketing strategies
          8.   Among other important information, minutes of all the   5  Mrs. Vandana   Cost Management and Human
             Committee meetings, are regularly placed before the Board in   Patil  Resource Development
             their meetings.                                 6   Mr. Prakash Gurav Finance, Tax, Accounting, Merger and
          9.   The Board periodically reviewed compliance reports of all laws   Acquisition
             applicable to the company, prepared by the company as well   7  Mr. Umesh Joshi  Structural designs and consultancy
             as steps taken by the company to rectify instances of non-
             compliances, if any.                            8   Mr. G. L.      Legal mainly Constitutional Law,
                                                                 Vishwanath     Corporate Law, M&A, Trademark, IPR,
          10.  In the opinion of the Board, all the Independent Directors of    Contracts and Disputes relating to land
             the Company fulfill the conditions specified in Regulation 17 of   property matters.
             Listing Regulations and are independent of the management.
                                                             9   Mr. Jayant     Finance, Tax and Accounting
          The Board comprises directors who have a range of experiences,   10  Mrs. Manasa   Legal mainly Civil Matter, Consumer
          capabilities and diverse points of view. This helps the Company to   Vishwanath  Disputes, Family Law Matter and
          create  an  effective  and  well-rounded  board. The  capabilities  and   Property Law Matter.
          experiences pursed in the directors are outlined here:

          y y Knowledge of the Company’s Business and real estate sector;  FAMILIARISATION PROGRAMMES FOR BOARD MEMBERS
          y y Understanding  of  financial,  Tax, accounting  matter  and   The Board members are provided with necessary documents, reports
             governance;                                     and  policies  to  enable  them  to  familiarise  with  the  Company’s
          y y Understanding of Legal and regulatory framework;  procedures and practices. Periodic presentations are made at the
                                                             Board and Committee Meetings, on business and performance
          y y Risk assessment and management skills;
                                                             updates of the Company, business environment, business strategy
          y y Environment sustainability                     and risks involved.
          y y Strategic inputs on operational, technical, financial matters;
                                                             The details of such familiarization programmes for Independent
          y y Understanding of economic, political, social factors;  Directors are posted on the website of the Company and can
          y y People and Talent; and                         be accessed at
          y y Technology Perspective.                        governance.
                                                             LEAD INDEPENDENT DIRECTOR
                                                             The Company’s Board of Directors has designated Mr. Prakash Gurav
                                                             as the Lead Independent Director. The role of Lead Independent
                                                             Director is as follows:
                                                             y y To preside over all meetings of Independent Directors;

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