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Thank you…

                ‘Thank you’ to all             ‘Thank you’ to                  ‘Thank you’ to
                who pronounced ‘You            all who passed                  all who smirked
                must be crazy to even          judgment with ‘You              ‘Who will buy an
                think of marketing             must be foolhardy to            apartment during the
                a property without             think of passing an             lockdown?’
                a mega advertising             entire year without
                budget.’                       a single property

                ‘Thank you’ to all              ‘Thank you’ to all             ‘Thank you’ to all
                who expressed                   who laughed saying             who said ‘Nobody
                concern with                    ‘The whole country is          will want to invest
                ‘Markets are tight.             cash-strapped. How             in a real estate
                You will have a                 will you ever deliver          company in this
                problem mobilising              an apartment on                slowdown?’
                apartment                       time?’

                ‘Thank you’ to all              ‘Thank you’ to all             ‘Thank you’ to those
                who scoffed by                  who almost laughed             who shook their
                saying ‘Growing the             when we selected to            heads when they
                business with less              monetise our land              heard of our resolve
                debt is a nice bit of           holding during the             to sell apartments
                fiction.’                       lockdown.’                     without spending
                                                                               large sums in sales,
                                                                               marketing and

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