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Community Living
Our culture has always embraced a close-knit community, where family comes first and neighbours become like an extended family. Neighbours that will send over piping hot food for you to try, babysit your children when you'll be working late, keep your spare key safe for when you forget yours.

At Stargaze, you'll be able to share in the joys of community living - knowing your kids will be able to run, play and swim all within the safety of your complex, not having to join different clubs for each member of your family, socializing with your new friends and so much more.

Tennis Court at Stargaze Bavdhan
Active Living
Go for a run through the lush greenery as the sun rises over the hills, take a dip in the pool on a leisurely Sunday or partner up with your neighbour to enjoy a quick game of tennis. Stargaze features extraordinary activity spaces - especially with the resort-like Grand Club at your disposal through every day, every season.

So gear up for a life on the move - stay fit, stay active and stay energized!
Green Living
Most people have to trek up a hill or a fort to catch the scenic sunrises. You will get them with your morning cup of coffee in the balcony, every single day.
Watch the sun rise over the hills and not buildings. Enjoy the fresh air running through every corner of your spacious house. Leave the lights off - the sunlight streaming in through the windows will illuminate your home for hours.
The homes at Stargaze have been designed for a greener life - both literally as well as socially. Nestled amidst the hills at 642m above sea level, your home is surrounded by lush tropical greenery. And with airy, spacious homes, you'll minimise the need for ACs and lights.
Live a greener, cleaner life!
Amenities at Stargaze Bavdhan