Life Style

The only thing you need to take care of is unannounced guests.

You can start living here the moment you get the keys. Your home comes loaded with every imaginable amenity and a few unimaginable ones too.

Thought Principles

01Thought Principles

Every small detail of a 24K home is laboured till it's perfect. And then, we labour it more. Design, Thinking and Planning is reflected at every stage of crafting a 24K project. These are homes created with passion and commitment.

Global Benchmark

02Global Benchmark

For 24K, Global Benchmarks are a good starting point. In every aspect, be it materials, processes or design details, we start from the best that is available and then give it the 24K touch.

  • Sustainability certification benchmarked to Green Building Councils
  • Construction quality benchmarked to ASTM International (American Standard)
  • Electrical materials including switches and wired benchmarked to British Standards
Design Customisation and Counselling

03Design Customisation & Counselling

Your 24K home will truly be bespoke. You can choose interior styles that suit your taste and reflect your vision. In this case too, 24K will extend all the support in terms of resource and materials sourcing. Either way, you won't have to start building your home all over again once you move in.

Development Partners

04Development Partners

A 24K home is truly an object of desire. Our development partners, handpicked of course, turn our 24K vision into reality. They are the best in the world. Because 24K deserves nothing less.

  • ANC LLP, Dubai for construction and execution
  • B+H Singapore for architectural services
24K Life

0524K Life

24K homes are conceived around you. They take care of everything you need and more. 24K life is not just about your 24K home. It's also about the labels you shop, spa you rejuvenate at, club you network at, gymnasium where you stay fit, in 24K style of course.

06 24K Edition

24K lifestyle standards surpass the best in the world - everything inside your home is exclusive and limited edition, even the home automation system. A privilege earlier enjoyed only by the kings, and that, hasn't changed much.

  • Exclusive 24K series CP and sanitaryware
  • Tic-Tac-Toe Pre-Schools and Day Care Centres
  • Branded retail spaces
  • 24K clubs