Life Republic ensures fire safety with a dedicated international standard fire station
Friday, 17 February 2017
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Taking the right kind of precautions against fire can mean the difference between life and death. Residential properties have a higher risk of fire fatalities due to greater occupant numbers and more complex outlets. In order to avoid any such calamities the newest and largest township in Pune – Life Republic – is equipped with an International Standard Fire Station.

Firefighting Accessories –

The fire station comprises of 3 fires trucks, exclusively imported from Germany. In case the fire cannot be extinguished by using water the water, foam tenders will come to the rescue. Foam tenders help combat gas leakages & electrical short circuits. The kit also includes an 80 meters long ladder that can reach up to 15th storeys high.

Fire Safety Measures –

Every 5th floor of the development consists of a refugee area along with 2 fire escape staircases isolated from the building with fire safety doors. A refugee area allows residents to stay away from the fire for a minimum of 2 hours until help arrives.

Fire Fighting Sprinkles –

Every room in the facility & habitable areas are equipped with fire sprinkles that automatically trigger if the temperature in the room rises above 68 degrees. Also, each building has hydrant walls on each floor near the staircases.


At Life Republic, your safety and security is ensured with the measures mentioned above. However, the project offers much more than you can imagine. Check out these amazing homes near Hinjawadi on the website (Life Republic)