10 Quick Tips To Glam Up Your Living Room
Wednesday, 29 March 2017
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With Spring Season coming in this is the time to Glam up your Living Room by giving it a fresh and vibrant look. Since the living room is the most used space of a house here are some interesting tips to give it a quick makeover –


  • 1. Create Different Zones   Define individual “room” within the space. If your living room is large & spacious, designating different functional zones could be an interesting concept. Use rugs, curtains, wallpapers & furniture to segregate the reading, dinning, television viewing and conversation zones.
  • 2. Add Innovative Color Scheme Give beige a break. Color scheme should be chosen in such a way that they don’t cramp the space rather make it look open & spacious. It is always a good option to place potted indoor plants & flowers to add to the elegance of the room.
  • 3. Chic StorageNeed space? Swap boring shelves for more decorative options, then load up on fabric boxes or baskets to hide an overflow of knick knacks.
  • 4.  Sheer Curtains - The quickest way to let light in is by replacing heavy fabric curtains with sheer ones, making sure the panels go all the way to the floor. To accentuate a tall ceiling, mount the drapes about a foot above windows and doors.
  • 5.  Gorgeous Gallery - Achieve the drama of a major art piece inexpensively by displaying a tight grid of small frames.
  • 6.  Invest in a Statement Chandelier - If your budget only allows you to buy one statement piece for your space, make it a chandelier. A room will immediately feel more ornate and elegant.
  • 7.  Add depth with a mirror - Not only does a unique mirror add aesthetic variety, it also provides an illusion of more space.
  • 8.  Colorful Cushions & pillowsInject personality into neutral sofas by adding brightly patterned and colorful throw cushions & pillows.
  • 9.  Choose the lighting wisely – The right lighting can transformthe mood of your scheme at very little cost. Why not buy a fresh shade for your lamp? Try replacing mismatched table lamps, with stylish matching ones. Place one on either side of your sofa and see how the room suddenly has cohesive style.
  • 10. Transform a dull window Create a focal point in your roomwithout overspending, by updating your windows. A roller blind is a great low effort, high impact option. Whether you opt for a subtle floral pattern or statement stripes, it’s bound to give your scheme the bargain boost it needs